Any advice?

So last Friday I did week 6, run 2 and it didn't go overly well and I haven't been running since. It wasn't entirely because it went badly that I haven't been since but it's a big part of it. So, I'm determined to go out again today and get back on track but my question is this: what run should I do? Should I simply pick up where I left off so do wk6 run 3, repeat run 2 or even go back a step because I've had a week off and perhaps start week 6 again? Any advice would be gratefully received. Xx


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8 Replies

  • Hi there- I did week 6 run 3 yesterday. If it's any help, I felt exactly the same as you after run 2 and I really had to will myself to get on and do run 3. I think it was because I was overjoyed to have completed the 20 minutes the week before and then found runs 1&2 of week 6 really tough. I hadn't expected that.  If you completed week 6 run 2, you could do either of the options you mentioned above.  There's no issue with repeating a run- it's all progress. The main thing is to get back out there as soon as possible otherwise you will build it up in your head massively and it might become a mountain rather than a manageable molehill! Good luck! You'll be grand. 

  • When you say 'didn't go overly well' do you mean that you walked for some period of time when Laura was saying to run? In which case you do week 6 run 2 again until that doesn't happen (by all means tweak pace, location, taking smaller steps, whatever you need to). 

    If it was just a disagreeable experience and you ran (however slowly, maybe even on the spot if Laura was about to say 'Stop running' and you were desperate), then you do week 6 run 3.

  • I  can't remember the difference between week 6 run 2 and 3 but I do remember finding the return to run-walk in week 6 difficult after the high of that 20min run! If you do a search you will find that many feel the same. Don't let it phase you, you are doing so well and remember, every tough run makes us stronger. I am now running 10k btw so hang on in there☺.

  • Maybe go for run 3...steady and slowly... that is what it will take..

    Just get out there..kick the gremlins into touch and do it! :)

  • I agree week 6 was a very tough one for me aswell.. I hope you have managed your next run by now.. please post let us know how you got on.. week 7 for me tomorrow.. hoping to find it more encouraging!!!   Come on we can do it together.. stay positive we have come so far x   :)

  • Thanks all. I procrastinated for another week after this post but went out and did w6r3 today and feel fab for it! Xx

  • That's great..  glad you got it done.. you will be ready for next run..  I'm contemplating an extra rest day tomorrow to prepare for week 8  knees really not enjoying these past few runs. .. good luck on week 7 x

  • I wore new trainers on Saturday that are supposed to give me more support and stop my legs sort of twisting when I run; the result was a really stiff knee. I'm guessing that the trainers are really doing their job and my knee has just got to get used to being corrected. Good luck to you too. Xx

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