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Just finished Week 5, run 2. I wondered what view there was about the music. I found the first track on week 2 and the 2nd track on week 4 so frenetic that It was difficult to regulate my pace.

Is there a science to the backing music?

BTW - 24 hours until I take on week 5, run 3 and I'm apprehensive!

This is my first post on here, could use some encouragement.


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Hi, I absolutely loved the W1 music, so much so, I didn't want I move on to W2! Having now moved on, I'm not really enjoying the W2 music. It really makes a huge difference to the enjoyment. But yes, there are tracks that make me want to set off way too fast, and make it difficult to pace ourself, I agree.

Best of luck with your run 3. You're on W5, that's amazing! Keep going! You're way ahead of me, and you've left that couch a long way back! 👍👍👍👍

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I use the Public Health England (NHS) C25K app (on android but I guess it is also available on the iPhone). This allows you to play your own music. It mutes the music down when the coach (Jo Whilely in my case) wants to tell me something.

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Yes it's the same on iPhone,

I'm just on w6 & I struggle with music - if I know the music I sing to it, but otherwise it's just background noise until I get used to it, apparently there are lots of apps Spotify, etc that will do running playlists for you, sorry don't know much else.

Good luck on R3 you'll smash it, just slow & steady 🏃🏃🏃

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