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Week 3 Run 1 under my belt

Evening All,

A quick update, I have just completed Week 3 Run 1, Yay :0)

Had a bit of a later than planned start as I had stupidly left my phone at work, this previously would have been used as an excuse not to exercise, but this evening I downloaded an older version of the programme onto my laptop then onto an MP3 player and off I went.

I had Laura as my coach instead of Sarah tonight but she was great. I was more than a little nervous of the idea of running for a full 3 mins solid at a time but her hints and tips were very useful and the music between her narration seemed to help the time pass for me quicker.

My shins are a bit achy but other than that I feel fine. Onwards I go.......

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Well done you, that's my next challenge so good to hear you made week 3 run 1, brill


Well done J9-54, not letting technology issues get in the way is the sign of a really committed person. You should be so proud of that alone. Onwards and upwards and Ellie will be a few steps behind.

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