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Week 5 under my belt

That's it done!! It's been my biggest hurdle so far, the mental challenge of a long run. I have repeated run 1 this week but knew

I had to attempt run 3 sometime and today seemed as good a day as any. I made it and walking for the cool down never felt do good. I was very slow though in an attempt to keep going i kept it at a snails pace and only covered 3.2k the whole time i was out.

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Well done secretrunner, its a fab feeling isnt it to run for a whole 20 mins! You have done great and dont worry about distance and speed yet, that will come in time and you have the time after graduation to work on that.

Good luck for W6! Sue


Thanks for your comment sue, these forums are great for support, it's a wonderful help. Can't believe it but i am actually looking forward to week 6!! Something i never thought i would say.


I'm just starting week 5 and that third run seems an awful big leap. Well done you for making it!


Thanks Jadis and good luck, I am sure you will get there too! It's definitely a case of mental focus this run.


Beautifully done, Secretrunner!! You have passed the halfway point!! Can you believe how far you have come in just 5 weeks?? It is amazing!!

I completely agree with Sue. It is much more important to complete every run, than it is to do it quickly. Pace and distance can both be worked on later. They will come with time. You are doing great!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done secretrunner, you are doing great :)

Although please don't say ONLY as in 'only 3.2k' as it makes you sound disappointed. Think about how far you've come, what you've achieved in such a short space of time.... What you mean is 'I nailed 3.2k' :D Could you have managed that before starting this programme? Your distance is something to be proud of so make sure you shout about it from the rooftops!!!

Good luck for the next run :)


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