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Week 8 - Running further, enjoying it more!


Week 8 kicked off in curious fashion. I wasn't sure what the extra 3 minutes bolted on to the end of this session would feel like so I started at a fairly slow pace, decided it didn't feel comfortable so sped up. Decided that was too quick and slowed down again. By the time my body had stopped arguing with my head Mr Johnson was telling me I was half way through the session. I settled into what I remembered from the 25 minute sessions as my normal pace and rhythm, that did the trick and eventually I was into the session properly. Curiously the last 5 minutes were probably the most enjoyable of the whole programme so far. I'm hoping that will be a nice memory to focus on heading into runs 2 and 3 of week 8.

For the first time my strava app added a new pb for 5k. Up to now I've not completed 5k on my route though the distance has been increasing week on week. I've not deliberately aimed at any particular distance, it just appears to have just happened. This programme may well get me running 5k in week 9, what a thought that is!

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Well done you...I found the longer runs very enjoyable... just keep it steady as you go :)

Brilliant pb and all. Keep going lofa

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