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I can so this

So after graduating last year and then being forcibly put on the IC in January I decided in June to make a start on C25K again. the 1st few weeks were ok. now on week 5, I dont know if it was the heat in the gym on the rig or if it was just a hard run on less than 6h sleep in 24h but I managed it. I definitely prefer running outside, even in france with 20*+ it was easier. by the time I leave here I should be starting week 8, hope it gets easier. ( I know I can do it as I have done it before but I am aware that I have to take it easier with my foot this time)

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You can do this. Just take it easy and if you have a day where it seems tougher, then just go with what you can do. (And think of the outside running you can do later)


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