Three don’ts, two do’s and one thank you!

Three don’ts, two do’s and one thank you!

Warning this post contains a ramble

I have not rambled for a while… my forum friends who know me, have had a welcome break from me… those of you who are not familiar with my rambles, I apologise in advance; I am getting back to running again after a long period on the IC. A tear in a calf muscle has seriously hampered my rambling!

With my Physio’s instructions fixed firmly in my mind, I set out this morning for my second run/walk of the week. The first outing on Monday was slow….really slow….it was steady…it was really steady… it was, quite literally the return of the Grey Snail!

The three don’ts I have to step out with currently are;

Don’t do any long runs- Don’t do any hills- Don’t run on the beach

The two do’s

Do run for just about 20 minutes in each of your runs for the first week…

Do stop if any twinge, ache or pain in the calf hits more than level 5 on your pain scale:)

So… knowing that I survived Monday and have walked, swum in the sea twice, and stretched, exercised and rolled as instructed by my superb torturer of a Physio… this morning out I went.

Warmed up and ready to start with a good brisk walk… remembering all the advice which I give to others and the advice given to me also :)

Rounding the brow of the hill and looking down towards the Bay … the day could not have been more perfect. A pale sky dove-grey, with the first weak sunshine-rays playing hide and seek with the raggedy clouds…the air fresh and clean…the hedgerows the fields, the far distant mountains…glistening in the morning, a world newly washed by the relentless rains of yesterday. I walked briskly, placing my feet carefully and treading softly… the small butterfly of apprehension that I felt setting out on Monday had taken flight… coming to the first flat section, I began to run… counting, as I had all the way through the nine week’s runs of C25K.. 1, 2, 3, 4…. Slow and steady…as ever; easy breathing, light steps and a gentle pace.

I take folk with me on my runs… there were, as so often, a fair few of us out there. All the wonderful advice we get on the forum muddling through my mind, Laura’s voice in my ear… relaxed shoulders, hands and face, lifting those feet and ankles in a rounded motion. The way I run now, is my way and is second nature to me. No twinge at all this morning, no heaviness in the calf, as I came to the first incline and taking my own advice, (yes I know you get sick of hearing it) I slowed down to walk. The white fronted B and Bs and the small hotels, open doored… the sleeping guests unaware of the already laid breakfast tables in the huge bay windows, the coveted ones, with the sea view , cupped and saucered, cutlery, crisp tablecloth and the first tantalising scent of warm toast and hot coffee escaping from the open front doors. Walking means I see even more on my runs:)… the hotel which has been extended, all completed now; scaffolding gone, new shiny windows and doors and the grey frontage just waiting for the final makeover which will make it a perfect match for its neighbours.

Back on the flat now and running again… still feeling good and going well. I am not attempting any new techniques with my runs at the moment…just running, breathing, just breathing and a relaxed easy pace; into the town, past the newsagent, no one around, just me. Cutting down towards the sea, past the grockle shop…which I have not seen open at all yet… shabby chic seagulls, wooden and one legged, standing on solid wooden sand...glistening, brightly coloured sea-shell mobiles strung on silver cord…Welsh Dragon mugs and teapots…all waiting to be taken home. Reminders of a happy holiday! Along past the smaller B and Bs… keeping my steady pace… all flat here along Tanygrisiau Terrace…small neat front gardens, small front rooms…cosy and chintzy… tables set here too… but a homelier feel with no sea view… but welcoming nonetheless! A lady opening her door, shouts a cheery good morning, and “enjoy your run, “I grin at her and nod… :)

Turning down now and towards the Lifeboat Station, going downhill, ( Not sure whether downhill may be an issue for me), I slow to an almost walk… the time, as I glance at my wrist, is moving on…my twenty minutes is nearly over. The sight of the sea, the salty air, fills my heart and my lungs; typical… the tide is out, and the sand is flat and hard… but I am sensible. By the side of the ramp to the jetty, the new shed for the small safety dinghy, is finished. I pause for a moment to take a photograph. Halfway along the front, I see three runners moving away, two easily, with loping strides, one not so, and as I watch he gives up and walks! Now… shall I walk or shall I carry on running… I rub my calves and do some simple stretch exercises as I have been shown… and I carry on. The sun is breaking through now, I am warm and comfortable and very, very happy. Speed and distance are nothing… it is the run and the joy I am getting from it, knowing that I am, hopefully back on course. By listening to my body and those who know what they doing... I think I may be able to build up again soon.

The Harlech Dome is just visible, the sand sleek and shiny, a lone swimmer has braved the chill of the ocean and is drying herself as I run past, the car parking bays carless, no ice cream cart as yet and the seats overlooking the green are empty… time to head home. A last, long look at the sea as I reach the end of the Esplanade and then a walk back up the hill and home… the heavy scent of Hawthorn and Honeysuckle in the hedges as I pass… still walking lightly, no laboured breathing as I reach the top of the hill and then yes, a moment of madness… I run, ever so lightly, for the last bit of my outing... it takes me to 2.55 K in 23 minutes. I am content.

Oh, and the thank you? Well it is for you, every single one of you; this is the end of my first working week as a Mentor and I have absolutely loved it…thanks for all your good wishes, I will try to do a good job, supporting and encouraging you.. If I have not replied to you, it is not for want of trying… I apologise and will try to do better.

You are on this journey, I am on this journey, thank you for letting me be part of your journey.


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75 Replies

  • I love reading your ramblings about your runs, and this was delightful. I could picture where you were running!! Welcome back Mentor 😊

  • Thank you... it is good to be back on the running path :)x

  • Ooh you're not that far from me. No wonder your descriptions have an easy, familiar feel to them! Glad you had a good run xx

  • I did...thank you... How are you! Miss your posts x

    Are you on Anglesey??? W have bought a holiday home in Criccieth :)

  • I am indeed. :) Not really spent much time in Criccieth but I gather it's beautiful. Just as it is here :) Lucky you :)

  • Lucky you too! We were in Beaumaris the other day, at the Castle....:)

    Hey Hil... maybe a Park Run meet up at Penrhyn Castle sometime.... ??

  • Haha :D

    We certainly could. Let me know when you fancy it. I did it today for the 2nd time in 2 years :D

  • Beautiful - I felt like I was there with you! I would love to be able to experience a run like that - Brighton is not quite the same! And thank you, thank you for being part of my journey. You and IannodaTruffe have been such a huge part of my running journey. Today that journey was not so good - but I was warned. I will never try running only days after giving blood again!

  • You are doing wonderfully... I love reading your posts... you are inspiring so many folk :)

    Sorry today's run was not so wonderful...but you do have the reason :) xx

  • Me? Really? That would be a huge accolade if it were true! There were (are) so many reasons why running is a bad idea for me but I'm doing it - and I truly believe that if I can do it, anyone can do it! Yep, today's run was rare - normally, as you know, it's my demons that get the better of me. Today my mind was strong but my body was not. After 2k I came over lightheaded and had to walk a huge chunk of the rest of it. My feet were so heavy, my arms did not want to move. But, actually, it was only a smidge slower than last week so I'm absolutely fine with it.

  • No, seriously you are... helping a lot of newbies to realise that they are capable of so much :)

    Sometimes, it is so useful for folk who are closer to the C25K, than the more seasoned graduates, to offer advice and support to those just starting. I appreciate all your comments and replies.

    Our body's do have to be listened to... mine has been yelling at me these last few weeks... I listened and took note!

    You did so well...just rest up now and recover properly x

  • You ran after giving blood? Eep! Hope you hydrated very well after.

  • Glad you had such a lovely run/ramble, keep taking it slow and strady, won't you?

  • This is me.... :) Thank you x

    I did enjoy it... and I am getting my confidence back... it went AWOL for a while :)

  • Confidence is a great thing to have. 👍

  • Essential... I just kept thinking of IannodaTruffe 's positivity... and believed in me :) It worked :)

  • I've missed the rambles! I love your rambles. I imagined you today, encased in a cloud as you ran (and that cloud was all of us that you took with you).

    Not only do you inspire me to run Floss, but now you have me googling Welsh B&Bs!

    So, so pleased that you're healing and mending so well. And you've always, always been a mentor to me... only now you have a badge.😊Big hugs xxx

  • That is what was following me... I was aware of something :)

    I miss you and your posts too!!! Hope all is settling and sorting :) You are so kind, and you know how much you are valued and loved in the forum family x

    The runs was so good, it really made me feel so much better in every way...and the B and Bs around here are a delight... there is a lovely one right near to the Castle... it would be quite something if you came for a stay.... :)

    Cricceth might never recover from the two of us together !!!

    Huge hug back to you and a special squdge xxxx

  • Aw Floss, that brought a big smile to my face. It's so good to see that you're running again and rambling. I loved this and I could smell the sea 🙂 and the Hawthorne and Honeysuckle. Just gorgeous xxx

  • Hey you... it was so good.... the Black dog has been lurking and almost caught up with me... But, getting to the coast helped and the two runs,( well sort of runs) helped even more. You know from your time on the IC how frustrating and upsetting it can get.

    I shall carry on slow and steady as usual and I will just carry on doing as I have been told. The physio said I could run on my tracks and fields as long as not too wet and muddy! I just hope the farmer has cut them back by now:)

    Thanks you xxx

  • You're a model patient Floss and that always pays dividends 🙂

  • Sorry i missed this floss, the days have been getting away from me recently! Glad to hear you had such a great morning, lovely descriptive post as usual, a real treat! i've been running from black dog too, he's a persistent bugger! Big hugs to you from me xxx (ps will reply to that email very soon, sorry!) xxx

  • xxx

  • Love you to bits ... this was a glorious ramble.

  • You are so lovely, thank you very much...:) Your posts and replies are so supportive..they are making such a huge contribution to this forum .

    It was just so good to be back out there... I have felt a tad lost for the last few weeks... but found the running path again yesterday :) x

  • So pleased you are getting back to your running (and your ramblings!) Oldfloss! Wonderful as always and I know just how good they feel on return from the IC! Take care.x

  • You do know don't you...? You are getting back there and it feels so good.:)

    I have to admit, this last calf thing did worry me, but the Physio reassured me that age had nothing to do with it... so... onward and upward , slow and steady... Thank you :) x

  • So lovely to see your amazing posts back and you back to running...reading it I felt I was with you

    Well done and great to have you back out there enjoying the sea air and motivating us all to get there believing we can all do it...enjoy

  • Than you... phew... i was not sure whether the old legs had given their best :)

  • Love the way you describe your run and surroundings.

    Glad you enjoyed your run xx

  • Thank you... it is one of the joys I discovered when I started the C25K programme.. freed my mid a bit, got me writing and painting again too :)

    Being crocked means I have a perfect excuse now to look around even more :)

  • Your right it does do something for the mind and creativity. Iv been a lot more creative since c25k turning my hand to photography, making films for YouTube and even a bit of drawing. These are things I would never have considered before. Active body = active mind x

  • I love reading your ramblings Oldfloss. I haven't been on the forum or running due to health & family issues and reading your post has been uplifting. It has given me an extra push to stick to my restart plan. I was with you all the way through your post, it is vividly descriptive. Xx

  • Hey... I just replied to you!

    Thank you.. so good to be out there again! What a relief... I still had some running legs.. a bit weak, but still there:)

    We can do this, we are made of tough stuff and life, with all it throws at us, is something we will deal with together!

    I will be right there with you tomorrow.... if this Old Snail can... you most certainly can! xxxxx

  • Thank you for the lovely read, Floss. No sea where I am, it reminded me of home. I will relive your run in my head today - it's the closest I'll get to a run this weekend.

  • Lots of sea air..breathe in deeply... :)

    Thanks you... i thought the snail shell might have cracked this time.. luckily not... although I think a few of Gary's relatives were hanging around trying to convince me that it had!

    Hope all good with you M'famxx

  • Completely poo weekend here. Bigfoot was moving house and Kiddo's appendix decided to try to kill him whilst he was helping. Luckily he got to A & E in time for emergency surgery. He's now comfy and bored in hospital. I am hoping to get out for a run tomorrow, I need it.

  • Oh no!!!! Is he okay? Huge hug.... xxxxx

  • Hug gratefully accepted. He's ok, a bit sore and very bored. I'm trying to forget that 36 hours earlier he was camping in a forest in the back of beyond, with no phone coverage...

  • That's lovely Floss. Very inspiring, especially since I am still on the IC after 9 weeks with my hip. I'm hoping to start running again soon. It seems like such a long time and was starting to get me down but hey, you have done it so hopefully I can also! Big hugs xx

  • I know.. I just spotted your post!!! Please, just hang in there... it was really getting me down... and I was feeling really yukky... but, if we just get through this together, it is all still out there:)

    On the positive side, I was able to finish some paintings, write another chapter of my book.. start a new Blog and buy even more stuff for my small granddaughter... oh and a very cheap new lightweight running jacket pour moi!!!

    Are you able to walk or is it too painful ?

  • Yes thanks. I am able to walk now. Hopefully will be running in next couple of weeks according to physio :) x

  • Wonderful..just keep it, as ever, slow and steady! :)

  • You write so beautifully - I felt that l was there myself. You've been a huge inspiration to me and many others, and I'm so glad that you're out there running again. xx

  • Thank you... I take so many folk with me, it is a wonder we do not get arrested for disturbing the peace xxx

  • So glad that you are off the IC & chose to share your run with us all. It's always a pleasure to read your 'ramblings' - a reminder of the importance of living in the now, finding beauty & joy in the little things (which are often really the big things!). Thank you!

  • Thanks is true... remembering to count our blessings and not get beaten down can be hard.. days like yesterday just fill me with joy x

  • Soundtrack for reading this marvelous ramble - Led Zeppelin's 'Ramble On' or 'Misty Mountain Hop' !!

    Good time too Oldfloss

  • Love it... ! The Misty Mountain Hop has the beat to match and although i wasn't fits the run wonderfully!

    Thanks for that.. It is gonna' be slow but I will get there.. Monday's run was 4 minutes slower and not as far :) The snail is back on track :)

  • This was lovely to read, thanks for posting it!

  • Welcome... all about the journey and how it goes on, despite all :)


  • She's back! Hooray!

  • Yeay!!! Moving at a snail's pace, which suite me just fine..but moving !!!!

    Hope all good with you too!!! Aren't you in Austria... ???

  • Hi Floss,

    So good to read your lovely ramble and know you are back out running gently again. You can't cage a grey snail it seems😊x

    That sounds like such a lovely route, I could see the B and B's and imagine the folk waking up to their breakfast by the sea... it must be a joy to run there..and it won't be long until you will be allowed back on the sand and hills.

    I've had a week off with a funny ankle, and am going out tomorrow for a careful joggette. I will definately be thinking about your seaside run and hearing 'slow and steady' as I go.

    Take care and HAPPY running😊xxx

  • It is so gently... I was very apprehensive on Monday... but, it all went well..the second outing was better :) I shall be really sensible!

    Take care tomorrow....and do keep it slow and steady !

  • I so enjoyed your post. Being Welsh but now living up North it brought back memories. My mother's family are from the Bala area - (so beautiful) and a great uncle lived in Anglesey a few years back. It is so good if you can find a lovely route. I am lucky in that I live in the greenest city in Europe and am never far from lovely countryside, although no sea I'm afraid. I'm glad your run went well. You and other graduates inspire the rest of us to keep going. :)

  • Thank you... where are you? It sounds beautiful! I am back in the Staffs Moorlands for a few days now.. and am looking forward to my fields and tracks tomorrow :)

  • Sheffield, close to the peaks and lots of parks and greenery all around. Good luck tomorrow, I do my W6R1 tomorrow, after an extra's day rest. :)

  • What a great ramble! I'm new to all this but could picture it all. Sadly no sea for me to look at only countryside. Hope you get back to peak condition soon! Loving this support group so much! Thanks

  • Thanks... I will build up to it!!! Countryside is great... back home from the Coast for a few days and looking froward to my fields and tracks too!

  • Lovely to read that you are a Mentor, very fitting. It sounds like you are on the road to recovery! Well done for being sensible and not pushing it - very mentor-worthy behaviour ;) xx

  • Thank you... it is a real privilege! I just do what I have always done:)

    I am trying very hard to be very sensible! :)x

  • Mentor, ramblings, running. What is not to like. Glad you're back from iC Flossy.

  • Thank you my friend:) x

  • Wonderful reading. Thanks for sharing your run. Keep well.

  • I will try very hard... thank you :) Just off now... third post IC run/walk :)

  • Beautiful Oldfloss x

  • Thank you... you doing okay? Have you recovered from the excitement of the wedding yet ? :) x

  • Yes,doing ok thanks Oldfloss. Picked up a cold from the plane so no running the past couple of weeks.

    I'm starting again tonight from W5 I think. Build up slowly, then eventually graduate with honours 😁

  • Well we can be slow and steady running buddies then :)

    Glad you feel better x

  • Thanks Oldfloss. I'm glad you are recovering too. Well done on your shiny new badge btw :)

  • What a beautiful post and wonderful descriptions, as always. I never tire of your lovely words :) As I read about the 'dove grey sky' I spotted a pretty collared dove in the back garden! The B&B descriptions were of course very close to home, ha ha. So glad to hear that you are taking it steady and listening to your own mantra ;) I spotted your new badge straight away - certainly well deserved because you have helped and continue to help, so many of us. Thanks Floss.

  • Thank you, I really appreciate your support.x... And.... now we have sold the tin tent... maybe a visit up your way and and B and B stop :)

  • That would be lovely!

  • So glad you enjoyed your run

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