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Second timed walk bad timing

I live in the City of London and planned a timed walk to the British Museum approximately 30 mins away. I forgot it was Ride London- so all displaced traffic was jammed packed along my route, pumping out exhaust.

It felt a slow walk with lots of stops at blocked road crossings. According to Strava is was a shorter distance but a faster pace.

I think we will try our circular route and timed walk five days a week for the next week. Then see how we feel about what next.

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Not all our walks or runs can be good ones. At least you got out there and your pace was good.

Keep it up and good luck with your next trip out.

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It always seems as though there is some event on, which can mess with your routes. My next run in London is planned from Barbican to Borough just to pay my respects for recent victims there. Hopefully you can do a nicer walk next time out. In the meantime good luck and avoid he pollution if at all possible


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