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20 minute run coming up

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I am so pleased that this forum exists. I am on week 5 and on Friday I will be doing the 20 minute run. I couldn't believe the jump up that is expected and like everyone else have many doubts about my ability to do it. Reading other post makes me feel less scared although I have yet to manage it. Oh well, I can but try, worst case scenario I will have to do it again until I can do it.

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You will do amazing! We were all where you are once, thinking it is unattainable- still my favourite ever run!

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Carolyn55 in reply to Jaxdreamer

Oh! I do like the idea it could become my favourite, that is something to think about.

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Feelingfab in reply to Carolyn55

Best run so far ... I phoned my husband at 6:30am to tell him the MOST exciting news that I'd run 20 mins non-stop. FAR too excited ..he wasn't quite as elated as me having been woken up 😁😳

You can do it 🤗🤗

I'm one run behind so I'll be doing it prob Sun/mon &'I'm dreading it, I look forward to your post-run post to inspire me!


Carolyn I did it this morning, and you know Mr Smooth says it's a mental thing or something like that anyway! And he was right, I slowed my pace to snail minus one, and kept going. Oldfloss always says to kiss the ground with your feet as we newbies tend to thump a bit. I thought of kissing Mr Smooth for some of the time.... that made me glide. Not sure his wife would approve but it is just a crush ;)

Seriously you'll be fine you already did most of the time previously, you're ready I promise.

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Carolyn55 in reply to Jancanrun

This made me smile, kissing Mr Smooth? I will focus on that! haha! I am already a snail running.

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iain-strachanGraduate in reply to Carolyn55

I really liked Michael Johnson as a trainer, but I think I'd stop short of kissing him! ;-) Now, Jo might be a different matter ... really liked her voice and her compassion and honesty.

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loubeelou76Graduate in reply to iain-strachan

Jo has been with me during my C25K training. She was great not sure that I could put up with Michael's yank accent.

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Exactly so.

Clever innit?

You can do it!! I'm on W6R3 and am now at the 22 minute run. It feels amazing when you're done.

That is a great way to see it Carolyn. You may well surprise yourself yet! I recall that stage thinking it would be so hard, but it was manageable when the time came. The program is really well thought out if you can trust it and not push yourself too hard. Best of luck 👍🏼!!

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Carolyn55 in reply to Decker

Thank you

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Will be doing it later today, like you I suppose the increase in times was worrying me BUT suddenly I have faith in the programme and though it sounds a long time I know I can do it!

I posted a post about the dread of doing this and how it was a big jump. Honestly I had nothing to worry about!

You will be fine. I can understand how you are feeling good luck tho!

I had a go this morning and managed it. It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd built it up to be. You will do it. I thought about it in smaller chunks of 5 minutes , great tunes helped also. Go for it!

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I'll echo what everyone else has said (I've just completed wk6r2) you can do it, just keep it steady and you will surprise yourself. Good luck :)

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