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Chased by a goose!

Not doing very well post graduation. Park run was great but tonight was first independent run. Ipod has packed up so no music. Decided to go out without phone either.

Feel like I am coming down with a cold. Not sure if I have a bit of a high temperature but might just be my age. Walking home from the tube thinking might make the cold worse, I have a bit of a niggle In my leg, it might rain, etc.

Made myself go out. Decided if I could manage 5 minutes I would make sure I did at least 20 minutes. Ended up being 23 so partly disappointed not 30 and partly glad I did anything at all.

Running round the fishing lake, rounded a corner to be confronted by a family of geese. Mum came at me hissing. Think I ran a bit faster at that point. Bit much given the young ones were nearly as big as her and didn't really need protecting any more. Luckily on the way back they just jumped in the Lake, along with a much cuter moorhen family with fluffy little chicks.

Running without music I was much more aware of the rhythm of my feet.

Fingers crossed a couple of rest days will set me up for a good Park run on Saturday.

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Well done on getting out. I also had a discussion with my own thoughts before just getting ready and going. That is sometimes the hardest part. I hate Geese for that reason too 🙈

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Okay so we're now adding geese to the toad, non dead cat, midges, and snake. Oh and moorhens, you win the cute and tetchy animal count for today!


😂 you beat me to this comment 😂Wildlife day continues!


Geese can be vicious. But the image of your little group running has made me giggle 😂


There's a 'guard goose' at a farm around the corner from us and he even faces up in the middle of the road to my noisy old defender; well done for braving it and getting out there 😊


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