adios for now

Hi all,

I am gutted to say that I completely lost my motivation and am very upset with myself that I didn't carry this on after my experience was halted by some bloody blisters!!

I think I set myself too high and unrealistic goals, and I know it's no excuse but life just got in the way! I'm about to start a new job in a completely different environment, so once I have settled in and set up a new routine I hope to be back at this!

I am going on holiday towards the end of August and I would have loved to be a graduate before I went, but I think I will look forward to picking this back up when I am home in September, with a fresh head, new ideas and maybe even some new running gear? (as it is my birthday so I shall treat myself :-))

I don't like goodbyes, so lets just say see you soon....

Princess B x


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27 Replies

  • Really sorry to see you go.....but looking forward to welcoming you back in your new gear and with a fabulous mental attitude🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • Thank you!! :)

  • life gets in the way, and your plan sounds really sensible... enjoy your Summer and we will look forward to cheering you on in September... :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Sounds like a break is just what you need. Enjoy the holiday and see you back here in September. You will be raring to go by then.

  • Yes I agree! Thank you :)

  • Don't worry... and do not beat yourself up about this... you will return :)

    Rest up, maybe some walking and then your hols... they will set you up and the Autumn mornings are simply great for running. Decent socks, some new sassy gear.. gosh you will be totally back on the path..

    So, see you soon :) x

  • I will return and I will be more motivated than ever! Autumn is my absolute favourite season and yes to the sass!! Thanks! :) x

  • You will!

  • Enjoy your Holiday. And also enjoy your new job, best wishes. Hopefully see you back in September.

  • Thank you! :)

  • It's not goodbye, you're just taking a well-earned break. You sound very competitive, but this running thing is not about competition (unless you're a natural!). It's about health and fun, friends and fresh air, me-time and mental health - all sorts of things really.

    We look forward to your return!

  • Yes I didn't think I was but when I set my mind to something I really push myself to achieve it, I think that's why I'm so devastated I let this get the better of me!!

    Fingers crossed I'll come back more motivated than ever :-)

  • Life does get in the way, but watch out because life got in the way for 49 years before I decided that enough was enough. I struggle with every single run, but am at week 7 and you know what? I'm going to finish and then carry on running. Because it's time to get fit!!! Take a break, don't give up on us 😎

  • Good for you, I wish I had the motivation that you have! I most certainly will make a return, just you wait! :-) thanks!

  • Ye're no awa tae bide awa. See you soon. Xx

  • thank you see you soon! x

  • No! Don't go! Have a fab holiday and good luck in the new job, and look forward to seeing you back here soon x

  • All of this support has really made me well up! It's amazing what kind of things really aid and improve people and this most certainly has made me even more motivated to return and hopefully complete this next time! I would 100% like to be a graduate before Christmas, so thank you and see you soon! x

  • Aw sorry to see you go!

    I could show you my blisters but it might put you off for life 😁

    A blister usually dries up overnight to the point where it is not painful . Then you'd tick a plaster on. Never mess with em! Vaseline is ace for blisters

    I hope everything pans out job wise. Take your run shoes on holiday with you! You never know, you might just get the urge 🙂

  • Oh dear, the ones I had had popped themselves when I was walking on them and were right under my big toes on both feet!!! Serves me right for wearing heels and standing in the rain sloshing about all night :(

    Thank you though! And I'll think about it..the only thing I had planned on packing was 50 bikinis!!! :)

  • Although a mixture of blistering and settling into a new job may have halted your progress, all is certainly not lost.

    If you'd embarked upon the C25K, in attempt to tone up before your holiday, there's still much you can do in the gym or at the pool, for example.

    Moreover, by working upon the strength of your legs and core in the gym, when you feel ready to return to the programme later in the year, you'll hopefully be a lot stronger for your endeavour.

    Much like any other running injury, blisters can be debilitating. As such, do what other runners do when they're injured and cross-train, to help maintain cardiovascular fitness and develop muscular strength.

    As such, the spinning bike and StairMaster shouldn't cause your blisters any issues at all, but will undoubtedly sculpt your legs, in addition to allowing inches to be lost in advance of your holiday.

  • Yes I think I will keep working on my leg muscles - especially since I sit down all day! Thank you and see you soon!

  • :( So sorry to hear this becky, but a sensible decision as you know where you are at.

    Just a suggestion, with the blisters other issues, perhaps you could set a target to go for a set walk 3 times a week. If you get into this habit then a transition into running c25k 3 times a week will be a breeze.

    I cannot stress enough the power of good socks. My wife would have got blisters and really sore feet. These became a real problem until she got some proper fitting trainers and running socks. Almost instantly the blisters, pain (and complaints) stopped.

    Good Luck in your new job, and I am looking forward to seeing you on here in Spetember. We will all be looking out for you so no pressure.

    See you soon

  • Yes that's a good idea, if I managed to push myself to go out in the evenings for runs, then walks should be 10x easier!! Just to keep some sort of recital going.

    Luckily my blisters were self induced with some poor high heeled choice of not even from running! I have definitely learnt my lesson though and thank you for the support! See you soon x

  • Hi Princess . Thinking of you from Peekaye

  • Hi Becky, Hope you are on the mend now.? Stay positive

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