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when I started c25k I took a little bottle of water with me, I only did this for the first couple of runs but to be honest with you I found it a distraction. I'm on week 6 now and haven't taken one since week one and never felt I needed to drink water while running. Is this unusual??

Anyway, week6 run3 tomorrow, 25mins straight run!! I'm kind of looking forward to it!!(what has happened to me?)

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I drink before I go out and when I get in but I don't take water with me. That's the beauty of 5k it's short enough not to have to worry about water or fuel on the run.


Yes, in the whole of my running career, I've only take water with me once. That was a 10km during a hot spell. I've grabbed a cup of water a few times in 10km races, and I always take a travel-mug of tea with me to drink if I've taken my friends to parkrun. But I dislike intensely holding anything in my hands when I run.

I'm not planning to train for a half-marathon, but if I did, no doubt I'd take water in a rehydration backpack. And I'm rubbish at drinking sufficient water during the day.

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I don't either. I used to take a bottle of water with me but never used it, so I just have a drink before & after.


Unless there are really extreme temperatures or you perspire profusely, and providing you are well hydrated, there should be no need to carry water unless you are running for an hour or more. Gripping a water bottle is also a great way to make sure you are not symmetrical and that your hands are nicely relaxed.

There was another post about hydration earlier today.


Well done for getting to W6 and good luck with your run tomorrow.

Regarding water, it's important to keep well hydrated everyday so there should be no need for water when running up to 5k even in hot weather. Of course it's a good idea to drink water as soon as you finish running. Little and often is the best way, gulping down too much in one go is not a good idea.

Happy running!

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Have found this helpful as I've wondered about this myself


No it's not unusual. You don't really need it for short distances if you're well hydrated brforehand. If you are racing or running hard then a drink might be needed

Some folks get thirsty though. In very hot weather it's wise

I hate carrying a bottle but sometimes I do. i shove it down my top when it's empty


No, I've never carried water either...but I also haven't run further than 13 KM.


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