Water belt recommendations please

I've just completed week 7. I need to carry water on my runs, as my throat gets very dry. I've been using a shoulder bag up till now, but it's not easy to access and gets in the way of my right arm. There are lots of water bottle holder belts on the market. Can anyone please recommend one that doesn't bounce around too much and is easily accessible?


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12 Replies

  • amazon.co.uk/Zikee-Hydratio...

    Loads of us have this.. they are brilliant! Go you:)

  • Thanks Oldfloss - this looks perfect, and avoids the need for a separate armband for my phone. I shall order one now!

  • If I need to carry water I use one of those tiny bottles they sell at the running stores and stuff them down my shorts. It's not elegant, but it doesn't move.

  • Dog ate the bottles from my Scott Jurek water belt today. After eating an ab mat, two new pairs of glasses, his basket and four hats.

  • If your throat is getting dry I would suggest you are possibly not well hydrated. You need to drink often throughout the day. It is normally not necessary for a well hydrated runner to need to replenish fluids for any run under one hour duration. The NHS recommend 1.2 litres minimum per day. You need considerably more if exercising. I drink more than twice that per day.

  • You could always try chewing peppermint gum. I used that for this mornings 11k run in warm sunshine. And as ianodeatruffe says make sure you are hydrated all the time not just when running. I generally drink about 3ltrs a day - 2 of those being water.

  • Here's a vote for the zikee belt as mentioned by Oldfloss , i love it, although you don't necessarily need additional hydration for runs up to about an hour, as IannodaTruffe says, mind you on the hot days we've had I've taken water anyway, just to have it there.....

    I don't use it a parkrun, but do use it on most of my training runs now as well as they tend to be 10k plus.....

    I always try and hydrate really well the day before I plan to run, and always hydrate well after......that works for me, I sometimes get a dry mouth too as I mouth breathe when running.

    Hope you find something that suits.


  • I was going to ask you about this Madge, and also what do you do about food? Do you carry anything on your longer runs?

  • Ooh hello! 👋, well, interesting question, as the other week I did 10 miles on water and jelly babies (about 3 each 5k), very slow with walk breaks due to the terrain 😂

    Previously, and on HM training I did use gels alternating with jelly babies every 5k, max 2 gels. I'm not really convinced about gels, but I've got a box of them.....so plan to use them up on the longer runs.

    I've started using sports/rehydration drinks as I found these were great for recovery after a long run, especially if it's hot. So I'm going to experiment with those and jelly babies.

    I do think there is something to be said for refuelling early on, I.e at 5-10k if you're doing anything longer than an hour and a half....to keep your energy stores up, and on a HM, my last 'fuel' would probably be about 15/16k, I wouldn't bother after that....also, I was surprised how well I coped with the 10 miles.....but that's just regular training I guess....

    Anyway, hope that's helpful, and all good with you.

    Mx 🤗

  • Thanks Madge, yes that's very helpful. I've been reading a bit recently about how jelly babies are not the best thing, you get that sugar spike and fall, but loads of people seem to like them. I'm not sure about gels either...but what to use if not those two is a mystery! What do you mean by sport/rehydration drinks? Stuff like Lucozade, or am I well out of date? What did they have on the tables at Cambridge HM?

    I'm still wanting to do the Cambridge HM, will probably start training when I get home in Oct.

  • I use rehydration dissolvable tablets, all the sports people do them , I've got High5 ones, they've got electrolytes in them, I avoid the ones with caffeine. You can make your own water with a pinch of salt and sugar.....but I like the tabs as they've got more electrolytes in them...

    Cambridge HM had High5 gels, buckets of them! I carried a couple of gels and some jelly babies, (and collected a few for the store cupboard 😉) plenty of water stations....so I didn't carry water

    It's recommended to have 4 jelly babies = 1 gel, I couldn't eat that many too sweet, I could manage 3 at a time, and even then only once or twice max....🤢

    Wahay! So I'll see you on the start line then......we want to do it next year....


  • I use a Karrimor one from sports direct two 300 ml bottles and nice sized storage pouch too for keys phone etc ... does not bounce around and is cheap enough to buy as well

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