Does anyone bring water on their runs?

After Laura instructed me to "maybe take a drink of water" in W6R2 when I had none, I've been wondering if anyone brings water on their runs and if so, do you drink it?

I drank loads of water in spin and body combat classes but haven't thought to bring some on a run. I think carrying a bottle would annoy me, but I got a very sore head while out tonight and feel it was fluid related.


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8 Replies

  • I take a small bottle with me because after the 1st 2 runs i found my mouth was so dry and since then i find it much better to have a something to have a sip of on the way round . Not so much a drink as a dampener!

  • I never take water with me. I took a bottle out with me once and it did annoy me. I also got cramp on that run and i personally blame the water. Oddly, i do have a cop of tea just before I go out and that seems to work for me. Each to their own i suppose

  • I drink before I run... and after I run.. I find carrying a bottle to be annoying, so I don't bother anymore. I do however stick a mint or two in the pocket of my shorts in case my mouth/throat gets terribly dry....

  • I carry a running bottle with Japnese mint oil only one drop but wouldn't run without it

  • I always carry a small running bottle, the type with a hole in the middle so you can grip it without effort. I just have small sips as I go along as my throat gets very dry. If I drink lots before I run I end up looking for a bush to dive behind along the route.

  • I bought a small belt which holds 2 small bottles and has a small pocket for keys etc to use on my Parkruns. I was glad I had it last week as it was so warm I needed a sip or two en route. I find holding a bottle makes my shoulder ache as I tense up to hold it as I'm going along so the belt works much better for me.

  • I always take a 500ml bottle of water with me, and although I haven't found it a nuisance to carry, I have thought about leaving it behind the last couple of times. Early on in c25k my bottle would always be empty by the time I got home, but recently I've noticed I'm drinking less, partly I think because it's harder to drink when you're running continuously! However, I do find being able to take a sip of water is a good distraction at times. ;) 'It's hot and my legs are tired'. Sip. 'That was a tough uphill and my lungs are struggling'. Sip. 'I'm hot and thirsty'. Sip. You get the picture. :D If I didn't take my water then I would definitely take some dextro tablets or mints for those moments when I feel like I need a 'freshener'.

  • I carry a small bottle which clips onto my belt for 10K runs but have not used it, having said that we don't have the heat to contend with like our southern neighbours do. I find them rather difficult to drink from while running too.

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