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Hot date


Well after the disappointment of not getting to run this morning (well wimping out in the rain) I decided to go as soon as I got home from work, in what can only be described as swamp like conditions. Hot, thick air and worst of all, people, cars, dogs, things just getting in the way. Never mind, I digress, I thought as it was hot I should go with a hot date. So I down loaded Madona and confessions on the dance floor, flicked on the c25k app and with Mr Decrepit's words to inspire me, set off on R3W3.

To start with my legs to some convincing after my trip to the big city and the RCJ, negotiating the tube and running up and down the escalators trying to make my train out of the smoke. Turned out I needn't have hurried, there was no driver for it and I ended up slowly melting in a carriage with no windows that opened and no air conditioning. Any how with Madona singing time goes by so slowly in one ear and Mr D's words in the other I got to the third run and discovered Madona was lying, time doesn't go slowly, it quickly, very quickly and before I knew it R3W3 was over, the last run had just flown by and yes it hurt and yes I lost enough fluids to fill a bath but god I love it. Is this normal, what's happening to me, am I becoming conditioned? Is c25k a secret cult and the app some kind of hypnosis? If it is, I just hope it works for W4 😊

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Lol. Well done you! I just finished week one, my first run and am dripping all over the carpet. Got a bit to go to catch you up.

That's such a positive post, I love it ❤️ it would've been so easy to skip today's after a day like that. Super xx

Told you, welcome to runners anonymous. My name is X and I run 3 times a week. I miss it when I don't run and all I can think about is Lycra.... are these symptoms familiar?

As simeone who used to laugh if someone suggested running to me before this program!! I now find myself looking at running leggings & trail shoes over normal running shoes, I even dragged my husband into a running shop to look at running socks😬😬😬😬. So yes I think it may be some kind of cult!!!

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