I've just proved how slowly you can jog

I've just proved how slowly you can jog

After my rubbish Parkrun last Saturday I set out again today - around the same course - determined that I would run the 5K non-stop, no matter what the time was. Well I'm pleased to say that I managed it in the World's slowest time, embarrased about how long it took me but super-chuffed I didn't give in and just turn round and drive home instead of doing it. Thank you to the unknown runners plodding around the park: you don't know it but it was seeing you that inspired me, getting me out of the car and onto my feet. A bit like a 3D version of this forum perhaps?


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13 Replies

  • Excellent David! It's the repetition of the running movement that matters, not the pace. And running for an hour is no mean feat, well done you!

  • Please don't be embarrassed. You ran 5km, that is amazing. The time it took you is irrelevant really, you set out to accomplish something and today you achieved it. Fantastic in my eyes be proud. Rfcx.

  • Yes I am chuffed, because that's now the second time I've managed to run the whole 5K without stopping. I can still walk it faster than I can run it and my walk/run Parkrun last Saturday was quicker. I'll get there in the end and my short-term objective is to get sub-40 mins for the 5K (PB currently 48:09, so very do-able as my stepping stone to quicker times)

  • Great running.my gremlin has not let me run it all yet...think I did a bit better this Saturday though

  • Well done, terrific work.

  • You ran it David.. simple as that.... and that is wonderful! Go youx

  • You ran for an hour David...wish I could..😊 Well done to you. Now that is stamina...✋👏👏👏

  • If you go on to parkrun site you can Log it as a freedom run too and keep your own personal record

  • All about the distance - well done.

  • Like everyone else has said you did it ... flipping amazing !!

  • Excellent! You ran the whole thing for the second time, proving that the first time was not a fluke and therefore that it's repeatable. At this stage time really doesn't matter. You will get faster, it's just something that happens, but it's not the thing to focus on at the moment. The key things are that you went and did it, you didn't give up, and it is a 5k. That's what counts.

  • Yep, my first runs were slower than my walking pace, I was so chuffed with every little improvement! Us slower runners have got many more PBs to get than those who started off fast! And, as other have said, running for a whole hour is not to be sniffed at! And you didn't let PR beat you, I had a rubbish first go at PR, and didn't go back for yonks...Well done you

  • I .... sort of .... love Parkrun. I like the atmosphere and mutual support, love the fact that there are no traces of anyone being judgemental. But I still get scared when I arrive to do it, always think that I might not be able to do it this time. If there hadn't been other people running around the park when I went for my last PR practice run I know I would have just turned the car round and gone back home. Mind you it's not just PR, I feel the same whenever I set out for a run at all and haven't yet got over the need to trample on gremlins who tell me I can't run, usually after about 20 steps! The irony? I've started to quite like it and when I had to stop for a week or two (on the IC) I was getting grumpy because I couldn't go running. Ain't life strange.

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