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Running to keep up with the kids๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

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Hello, I'm very new to running having hated it at school and done everything to avoid it since. But I now have a couple of kids and my eldest who is two loves to run and I want to keep up with her. Sure I can now but her legs are only going to get longer. I want "chasing" to be fun not a chore so figured if I can run for 5k I should be able to keep up!

So any other parents of kids wanting to keep up?

I completed wk3r2 this morning. My language post the first three min run was not child friendly but I did it! And I love the feeling when I've completed the challenge.

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I don't have children, but do have oodles of nieces and nephews, who similarly are bags of beans. My god daughter is 4 and she insists on runs whenever we meet up. And she tells me to keep up, so the embarrassment alone is an impetus. I do the swearing on my runs - none this morning but last time out 6 f words...

Keep going the programme really builds stamina, and then you can build speed so I believe


My son started Orienteering and because he was so young I had to go round with him! It was fine at first as we walked the course trying not to get too lost. Then he wanted to start running the route. I could not keep up and felt bad because I was slowing him down. So my C25K journey began. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

I was then able to keep up with him, although now he is confident enough to go alone. I've also done some Orienteering. We have also done some 3k and 5k races.

Keep going it's fun to keep up with the kids.

How are you getting on now? Is it still working out for you?

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Wk4r2 in the bag this morning! Surprised could do this week but I can. Slightly sore hip going up stairs although weirdly easier after the run this morning.

I'm hooked.

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Brilliant so well done, keep going...


Yep this is exactually why I started c25k. I have a very energetic nearly 3 year old and a 7 month old, so need all the energy I can get. I always hated running with a passion in school and never ever thought I would ever go out of the house for a run! But I had to do something to get fitter. I am due to start week 9 on Wednesday and cannot believe how much better I feel. I still don't like running and don't look forward to runs but feel amazing when I am finished!

Eee the things you do for your kiddies!

Good luck with your journey!


My children are 12 and 10. I had reached the stage when I was the one lagging behind on walks not "keeping the youngest company " which had been my excuse for a while. That was part of my motivation for trying to get fitter. The 10 year old keeps me company on my plods and is a good distraction. Carrying his cricket set on one outing was an interesting addition to my training!!

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