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Week 6, Run 3.. with GCSE’s coming up I am struggling to keep up the gym. Should I just quit?


When I did the Belfast 8 mile walk in May I was so inspired by the other runners, it was beyond me how that could run so far for so long, in July I began the Couch to 5K programme so inspired by the runners (and had a few set backs on holiday of course) then at week 4 I could run for a full 25 minutes without stopping. Now I can only seem to run once a week if i’m lucky and I’m struggling to run even 10 minutes now I just can’t seem to keep up anymore. Will once a week of around 20 minutes running total be enough to keep me fit enough for after the exams? (December) or will I just have to forget running for now?

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I read that one run a week will maintain running conditioning and fitness and two will improve it... but I’m not sure that applies to us beginners. If you’re struggling to get to 10, maybe the answer is there, can you get to 20?


If you want to run then run as much as you can manage, if you have other priorities then don't add unnecessary pressure to yourself, the road will still be there when you've finished. Remember this is meant to be a leisure activity, not a slog to get a certain amount done in a certain time.


The very best form of exercise that you can do -- is the one that you keep on doing!!! And the one that you keep on doing is the one that you enjoy.


So you are asking whether one run a week is better than none? You know the answer to that! Of course it is. Not least fit, emotionally, for the challenge of the exams.

A different question might be are there tweaks you can do so you could run more often? Maybe not, but perhaps you might be able to get in more runs if you are not having to get to the gym to do them every time.


Hi A1mee20 ...nooooooo...don't give up!!! You have worked so hard getting so far & enjoyed it too by the sounds of it, what a shame it would be if you packed it all in?? You would be so disappointed with yourself too I'm sure. Running 20 mins once a week will maintain some level of fitness so don't put pressure on yourself, you have enough with university...just enjoy whatever runs you manage, running will wait until you have more time & energy


The official recommendation is that you do a minimum of 150 minutes of heart rate raising exercise each week.

How you achieve that is up to you.

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