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So wk1r1 started ! My son got married and I got reasonably fit in 2014 ( could do 25-30 mins on treadmill) and loved it . Lost 2.5 stone too , but since then done nothing and gained weight each year . I am a couch potato AGAIN !! I'm 53 and I want this to do this and then try to keep it up .

Even tho I have done it before I am very very nervous again and feel like I won't be able to achieve this . I can not imagine running 30 mins non stop . It's the mind over matter I struggle with , especially at the beginning .

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  • You will do it and you have taken the first step . I felt exactly the sane and tonight just completed week 6 and a 20 minute run x

  • Well done - inspiring πŸ‘

  • If you've done it before you can do it again. Keep going - it's so worth it & this forum is great when you need a boost. Good luck! πŸ˜‹

  • Thanks πŸ‘

  • Keep at it! It is doable πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈI know !!!! You will get stronger each run, the legs learn to plod on☺️ Good luck πŸ‘πŸŒΆ

  • You can do it and you will, we all did and are still going,. We are the couch fighters we are runners not cushions .... welcome to the club and check in here regularly it's what keeps us going

  • I've just completed week 1. I found the third run easier than the first two. We can do this!! 'Mind over matter' πŸ‘πŸ˜

  • Welcome.

    Feel free to change your user-name to something a bit more inspiring. 9 weeks from now you'll be wondering why you selected it.

  • Thanks I will think about something better - felt very negative about my lack of fitness and yes I should as actually change it as now doing something to change that .

  • Done it - now wannabefit19 - positive all the way - thanks for the nudge

  • Hello WBF, I like this much better. Post as much as you want, ask loads of questions and we'll give you all the help that you need. And any time that you don't feel like going for a run, you'll have all 30,000 of us wanting to know why!!

  • Don't think of it as 30mins, take each week as it is, I look ahead & think omg I'm can't manage 3mins in W4 & I did (altho could've given up after r3) & now this morning managed my 1st 5min runs in w5, as someone said to me slow & steady!

    Think as the advert tells you THIS GIRL CAN!

  • I completed C25K in 2015 before my wedding, lost weight and felt great. Unfortunately despite 'attempts' to keep up with running I didn't.

    I've since had a baby and a few stone heavier 😣 I started this again end of April, I've just got 2 runs left. It's been slow as if not anticipated juggling a baby haha and it's been tough (especially the last few) but as someone said "mind over matter"!

    You can do it! Keep going x

  • Well done I will keep you posted on progress πŸ‘

  • You reinspired me to get out this morning for Run 2 of Week 9. Feel great! Even if at times the breeze was moving the trees faster than I was going! X

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