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First 5k but distance 2nd to how I feel!


Hi everyone.... Lots of lovely stories on here tonight! Having not been able to run 30 mins since graduation due to twisted ankle and then knocked out by the common cold I was feeling a bit of a fraud and very low in confidence.... Like i didn't really deserve my graduation badge. So I reminded myself today, this running is a mental thing as much as a physical one... So i went out tonight believing I could do it, that all the training was there behind me, and i had done it before and could do it again and I had the best run ever...runing for the whole 30 mins and then the 5 min warm down... and for a moment there at the end I felt like i was a child again.... Then the rain came and gave me a lovely cool shower ...perfect timing!!  And then i just realised all through the pain, the bad runs, the doubts of the last 3 months i have a wonderful moment like this and i realise how much i bl**y love running (especially at night.....!) I measured my route when i got home and it was 5.27k but the distance was not so important as I thought it would be.... I just feel so happy  :-) 

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That's a great story, very uplifting and positive for those of us still to reach graduation

The training IS everything... you CAN run for 30 mins + now and should be so proud of yourself..😁 happy running. Great that you managed over 5k. Onwards graduate. 😊

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Thank you! No aches today which is even better and a first! 


Our minds are strange places! 

Well done for battling it out with yourself and getting into that positive mindset again.

Hopefully it'll get you back out there enjoying it again.

Keep going :)

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Will do! 


Lovely - it's so great when it all falls into place isn't it!


You can run for 30 minutes - you did it 3x before graduation. And before that you did weeks of longer runs. But I know what you mean and I'm so glad you've managed to break through that barrier!


What a lovely post. I find these very inspirational asI'm 3 weeks behind you but getting onto serious business. Well done.

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Those bigger blocks of running are pretty daunting... Good luck... Graduation is just round the corner! 

Well done! Your post has done me a world of good.  Thankyou. :)

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