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Couch to 5K
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Starting Again!

Well, if I write it here then it's more likely to happen....I was nearly a graduate 2 months ago but then I had an op and then lost motivation. In 30 minutes time I'm donning the running gear and I'm going to do W1R1 and then carry on walking to a distance of 5k. My motivation will be to gradually reduce that overall time to achieve the 5k whilst following the plans run/walk combination. The extended walk at the end is just extra cool down time -right?

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Can't see extra walking will do any harm. Hope the first session went well and good luck keeping going.


Well, I did it! It was harder than I thought it would be....I have lost a lot of fitness in the last two months it seems. Just under 43 minutes for the 5k . It's a start!


Seems like a pretty good start to me. I'm sure your fitness will be back quickly.


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