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Graduate starts again


Ok 4 years ago I graduated couch to 5k and I've not efficiently run well since. I'm going to rectify that and start again!

Ooof it will be hard!

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But you know you can do it and you will feel so good!

spinrekGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks - on week 5 now and feeling good!!


Hello! I've just done the same. Not quite a four year gap but a long gap nevertheless. The evidence is there - you've done it before and the same goes for me. Ooof you'll be fine!

spinrekGraduate in reply to SexyBexy

Thanks bexy! How's your training going? I'm on week 5 and feeling good!!

SexyBexyGraduate in reply to spinrek

All going well so far Spinrek thank you. Tomorrow is R3 of W3 and I'm enjoying getting back to the program. Running with my dog also at the moment which is fun. Keep us posted on your progress!

spinrekGraduate in reply to SexyBexy

It's nice going back to it - just hoping my health holds up. I tried an evening run! Omg never again. I was rubbish 😆


I started again 2 weeks ago after about 2 years of not running. I found it lovely to go back to the familiar voice and thoroughly enjoyed getting out there again. I realised how much I missed it. I think you'll find it easier than you think. Yesterday I went out in the rain and got soaked. I found it too hot and sweaty to run with the lightweight waterproof on so had to take it off to cool down. I'm taking it very, very slow and gently because I don't want my Achilles to flare up again.

All power to you spinrek! I'm sure you'll love it. Good luck for your new journey! :) :) :)

spinrekGraduate in reply to Beek

Thanks Beek! I'm on week 5 now and feeling pretty good. I need to keep telling myself I've done it before so it will be easy! How's your training going?

BeekGraduate in reply to spinrek

Hi spinrek!

I'm a tad surprised how tired I feel afterwards. (I need a nap after my shower!)

But the actual running is going well. I run a similar route as before and end up at the outdoor gym and do some upper body moves (pushing and pulling) plus a bit of rowing. It only adds about 15 minutes to my session.

It does make me feel a great deal better by being outside, although I tend to feel very cold for the rest of the day.

I'm really pleased and a little surprised that I am able to do it though. My right leg (the injured one) does ache in the whole of the back of my knee. I've found a little alley way in the middle of my warm up walk which has a 'Z' chicane (?spelling) where I can do my leg lunges and the swinging of legs across my front the way footballers do - but out of sight of everyone. I didn't do that before but I find it does help.

I start week 4 on Friday. I go Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning first thing and running on empty. I'm really enjoying it! Hope you carry on enjoying it too!

spinrekGraduate in reply to Beek

I love your enthusiasm- you sound like you're truly enjoying it xx

I wish we had something like an outdoor gym because adding that bit to the end sounds great - but im not determined enough to add it without help. Does that make any sense? Lol. I tried doing an app at home to do whole body but I'm always so busy I can't find time (well that's my excuse!)


Good luck.


Go for it!


I'm another returner - first did this four years ago (almost exactly!). Have tried to keep on running ever since, but things get in the way and I stop for a few months then start again. This time round I started in April (I think) - got as far as week 8 - although it took me over 16 weeks to get there! - then holidays happened and that was another month gone by. Back in at week 5 last Tuesday, repeating runs so I don't hurt my dodgy knee, but all going well so far...

The thing with being a returner is, you menwo the plan works. You know that some runs feel incredibly daunting and you doubt you'll be able to do them - but you also know that you've done them before, so they're definitely possible!

Happy running :)

spinrekGraduate in reply to RainbowC

Hey RainbowC - apart from the knee our stories are sooo similar! The summer holidays messed up my retry. And I've tried other apps but this plan works the best!! How's your training going?

RainbowCGraduate in reply to spinrek

So far so good...! Managed a fun 5k on Saturday evening with my daughters, so was tempted not to go out on Tuesday as I'd done the run that had been my incentive. But I went out anyway, and had a good run. Think I'm going to do week 5 run 2 one more time before moving on, as my knee was twinging just slightly at times, so I need to be careful not to push on too quickly.

At least with the lovely weather we've been having, I've remembered that I actually truly enjoy running at dusk and in the dark. And now I have my fab LED shoelaces, I can feel much safer too! :D

spinrekGraduate in reply to RainbowC

Oh that sounds great! I actually tried an evening run (machine not outside though) and nearly died!! I don't think my body can cope with me that tired and running! 😆 Yet. Something to aspire to as you're right, the evenings in Autumn are sooo relaxing

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