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W4R1 - couldn’t finish :(


I’m feeling bit disappointed today as I’ve just attempted W4R1 on a treadmill and managed to get till the last 5mins run. I gave up 1 and half min into that run.

My confidence has grown over the last 3 weeks but now I feel so bad!

Guess I’m just looking for few words of encouragement here.

Is it worth creating my own week between W3 and W4 and attempting to reach 4mins then try 5mins runs for next week?

Also, is it a complete NO doing 30mins walking on treadmill between the running days?

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W4R1 was the first one I didn't complete first time - that 2nd 5 minute run was a killer! But I did it on the 2nd attempt and you can too. Try slowing it right down next time. The last 3 weeks have made you stronger - you can do this!


Hey SamSam17 do not despair. You are doing a great job 👏👏👏

I suspect you just need to slow down to complete W4R1. Remember slow and steady. Embracing of inner snail is mandatory 😉🐌

Normally an outside runner I had to do run 1 and 2 of w4 on the treadmill. I started at 4.5km/hr on the walk and 5.5km/hr on the run section for W4R1. So only just jogging for me. I felt reasonably ok at the end so W4R2 I upped the speed of the walk and run section a little. It was harder work but I took confidence from completing the previous run. Then did r3 outside and was significantly faster (don't get me wrong I'm still 🐌 pace by most people's standards 😊 )

Much of our hindrance is the gremlins in our head. It's just a case of finding strategies that work for you. My run 1 in any week is always slower than the others just so I know I will get to the end.

Hopefully my experience will help in some way. I don't think you need a w3 plus just do w4r1 until you crack it.

As for walking on your rest days, most people on the forum do some sort of exercise pilates/yoga/walking/cycling.

I have every confidence you will crack this on your next run 👍👍💪

Happy running x


Slow right down.... and on rest days.. any non impact exercise is fine:)


Thanks for the response guys. I posted this right after my run and an hour later I’m feeling little bit more hopeful for the next run.

I’m actually walking 2.9mph and running at 3.8mph so don’t think I could go any slower. I did start at 2.5(walking) and 3.5 (jogging- if you can call it that) in week1 though

JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to SamSam17

Glad to hear you are feeling more positive. 👍 And we can always run slower 😁 running on the spot!? Though you'd get some seriously odd looks from other gym goers running on a stationary treadmill 🤣🤣🤣


I did it! I did it! I completely W4R1 :):):)

I took everyone’s advice and went little slower, took it down to 3.7mph during the 5mins runs and kept it at 3.8 for the 3mins. I also slowed right down to 2.2mph during the 90s recovery time.

Not only did I finished, I also run the longest distance I have so far (1.6m- I know it isn’t far for many but it’s for me!) and burnt the most Calories I have done so far since starting this program.

Thanks everyone!

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