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Couch to 5K
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First post questions

Hi all!!

Started on the program and my hopeful journey of couch to 5k. Doing this to go alongside weight loss and the quest to get fit and feel good

Started at 123kg currently 99kg so still lots to go!!

I have done week q and started on week 2 of the program. Not going to lie I found it mega hard and a real struggle the first time but managed first week and moved into week two which I've just done the second run of.

I'm really struggling to get through the 90 second round on the last two runs - im taking it slow feel like a snail 🐌 my question is - do you keep reperating the weeks until you are comfortable at each stage and then move on? As I feel like week 3 there is just no way I will manage?

What have you all done if you are completely new?

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Hi and welcome :)

There should be lots of replies from some of the other Newbies..but, generally, if you follow the programme and follow it sensibly, there should be no need to repeat weeks. The trick there is...slow and steady.

Listen to your body, ( it will protest....), take your rest days, ( an extra one if you feel the need too), try to fit some other ( non-running) exercise on those days. The strength and flex is a useful on maybe to start with? Many of us did that alongside the C25K plan :)


Slow is good.... really good... I was the original Grey Snail... slow works. There have been a few speedsters, but they, sadly, usually end up on the Injury Couch or give up and fall off the running path...:) Slow, slow as you like and then slower :)

Make sure your healthy eating regime is including plenty of hydration, every day, not just a run day and especially while the weather is warm or humid :)

Try very hard, not to focus on what is to come... focus on now and how far you have come already. Trust the programme, and have confidence that you will do this...keep posting for tips and support too :)

" You don't have to go fast, you just have to go".


Welcome aboard. You've made a great start on achieving your goals.

My advice would to repeat the week or run until you have done it. You don't need to have done it comfortably. Also don't look ahead and worry it will just stress you out. The programme is really well designed. Once you have done the week 2 runs you are ready to tackle week 3.

Good luck. 🌻


Good on you first of all for doing it! I think they key is if you complete it, move on. Some people want to feel comfortable and repeat to reassure themselves they are doing it, but even though it's hard, if you complete the runs then I would move on. The real key is speed ... it does not matter how slow you are, you just need to keep moving. I think we all worried that we were 'too slow' etc but the truth is this is about building stamina and structure into your runs and creating a sustainable way to keep running as part of your life on completion of the programme. If it was easy each time then there would be no challenge but the fact that you get up, get out and get on with the task at hand is also helping to reshape your psychological approach to your wellbeing (getting all deep now!). It's hard work but you set out to complete it and you do so I would say have faith in yourself, follow the plan and if you do have to repeat a week for any reason don't worry, but don't talk yourself out of moving on if you're completing them ... keep us posted :-)


A lot of people do each week twice... might be worth a thought? Both my friend and my mum did this and it really made it more doable. Go slow and steady, and you will get there...

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If you complete a run, believe you can do the next. Don't look ahead, just do the run in hand. Remember it is a mental challenge as much as a physical one. Many of us on this forum have done things we didn't think would have been able to a few weeks before. You can to :)

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Hi there to those who replied to my first post - haven't posted since but have stuck at the program. Have just finished week 7 and running 25 mins straight! Actually can't believe it!!!


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