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Does anyone else feel like the second run of the week is extremely difficult to complete? I'm currently on week 4 and every week the second run I've found really challenging even though the first run feels easy. I've done couch to 5k before and got to week 6 before morning sickness got the better of me and was exactly the same. Also how do you know when you need to get a new pair of trainers?


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  • I do. Week 7 Run 2 was so hard! Run 1 is new and a challenge, Run 3 is usually at the end of the week and you are itching to get on the next weeks runs anyway. Only solution that I can think of is to run the second one slower at least at the start.

  • I did find that I struggled more with the middle run, but I put that down to the fact that this was the only run I did after being at work - all my other runs were on days off so were in the morning. It may be down to the fact that run 1 is new and a challenge so run 2 comes along and I think "I can do this" and then maybe I was a bit complacent and found it more of a struggle, then by run 3 you can sort out your run 2 issues and become determined to complete the week.

    Regarding trainers: in theory you should only run 500 miles in your trainers so if you are really sad (like my husband) you name your shoes and keep a spreadsheet! In practice, you should keep an eye on the wear on the bottom of your trainers and replace should any area become bare of tread. OR if you find your legs/feet start hurting then it is time to replace.

  • Not really... I take each run, even now, slow and steady. I also know, that I can and will do it and I will enjoy it :)

    I begin each run,with the brisk walk...and then start slowly and build up..( although I started too fast on a 10K on Sunday, and then had to slow down :))...I relax into the run and I always try to land lightly.

    So just slow down maybe, and enjoy the run, knowing you can do it..( because you have done it before)... the way to the IC is by pushing too hard, but more importantly the whole things is supposed to be fun:)

  • PS

    I bought a second pair when I knew mine were the right one for me.. so interchange, and I have separate off road shoes too :) ( All sale price I may add :))

  • I always like run 1 best because it's a new achievement. First time I ran for x minutes. That goes by the board by week 5 as they are all different that week.

    I was told the shoes question was 500 miles or every year whichever is sooner. But I was told that by someone who sells running shoes so has a vested interest.

  • For shoes it's really individual. I have to change mine more often than recommended because I'm really hard on the heels. I'm the same with everyday shoes. I know they are due for replacement when I start to have little pains in my knees or hips and nothing else has really changed. After you get your next pair, if you like them wait for a good sale and buy a backup. If you constantly have a spare, you'll never pay full price. And you can visually compare the shoes to see how much you've worn the soles down.

  • I used to find run 2 the hardest. I'm sure it's just pschological, but it was real.

    Shoes, I got my first proper pair when I was training for a 10k a couple of years ago now. Having discovered that my running app will keep track of mileage for me, when they got to around 300 miles I bought a new pair of trainers, and have now switched over to them entirely as they're very different to the old ones, and I found I didn't like swapping between the two.

  • I always found the second run hardest while I was doing the programme.

    On the first run, I always assumed it was going to be tough and found it went better than expected. Then on the second run, I thought "oh I can do this, it's fine" only to find it was harder than I thought it would be. So therefore I assumed the third one would be equally terrible and again was pleasantly surprised.

    All psychological. I think the actual difficulty was about the same for the first and second runs, and slightly easier for the third. But my expectations determined my perception of how hard they were.

  • Just completed run 2 of week 4 and it wasn't that bad I made sure I ran slower and it seemed to work. I think I get it in my head because I've done it before I must run faster psycolgically. That's ok then I've had my trainers a few years but haven't got many miles out of them.

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