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Embarrassing strains

I know I've strained both bum cheeks. I think I've also picked up a groin strain too.

I was doing some work in the garden. Busting up a rotten section of fence to go in the fire. I stamped on a piece of wood to break it. It was less rotten than I thought and didn't break. I felt a twang sensation in the nether region.

Suffice to say my running efforts are suspended for a while. Which is a shame because I'm off work for another week.

Does it sound like I've strained my groin? How long do they typically take to heal? I'm not really in pain, more slight discomfort at this stage. But between that and the strained glutes I have very limited options at the moment.

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Now you are a runner you have to stop doing that with pieces of wood! 😃

I kept doing it and pranged my leg! I take more care now and make sure it's rotten before jumping on it with both feet 😃

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A groin strain is usually tender on the ligament in your inner groin. How long it takes to heal depends on how badly you strained it and how fit you are but it can be quite a while - i.e. longer than you think.

P.S Are you sure it isn't a hernia. There are 2 types: the common one is the inguinal hernia and the less common one which is harder to find is a femoral one (although more common in women). Check no lumps when you cough standing up.

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I can't feel any lumps. At least none that aren't supposed to be in the area. I'll mention it to doc though just to see what he thinks.

I misread this post as 'Embarrassing stains'.

Am somewhat relieved to find my error, although sorry for your discomfort.

anywhere from 3-12 weeks to recover, depending on severity. Although if it were at the upper end of that I suspect you would have sought medical attention by now. It may be a more minor pull (am careful of word choice here. 'tug' would seem inappropriate) caused by you compensating for the strained glutes.

I would say usual advice of rest, compression (upper thigh) and ice at regular intervals for a day or so and if it is not getting better or gets worse then hie thee to the Dr or Minor Injuries for proper opinion.

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Just because of where the pain seems to be coming from, I reckon already consulted doc. There are certain bits where I won't just see how it goes:)

But doing the old self examination that us gents are encouraged to do, everything is still the same shape, size and location as before and not tender to touch. So I think there's some deferred pain going on.

Doc thinks same, but as a precaution has organised some tests. He's stressed that nothing is describe makes him think it's urgent.

He's suggested I just take ibuprofen for a while.

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