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Enough breath to scream out loud at 4.8K

Interesting run. The first in over a week as I have been resting a niggle in my thigh. Set Mapmyrun so it only whispered distance in my ear, and kept timings to itself. That made for a more relaxed run. Until I had almost done the 5k. I came round a corner and was so startled by a young man crouching between the bin and the post box that I screamed out loud! Definitely a walk of shame going on there - all dressed up and clutching a can, hope he wasn't too hung over because that was a pretty loud scream :D Poor guy at least had the decency to apologise for startling me. Like a real runner, I carried on and completed the 5k :D :D :D - pleased with that after the break. Also reassuring to know I still have breath left at the end for emergencies.

To be honest, I think it may have been karma - earlier I had terrified a poor squirrel who popped out from the bushes just as I thundered past. Sorry squirrel :(

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Running throws up all sorts of funny experiences doesn't it? A squirrel made me jump recently, by hurling itself out of a wheat field like Theresa May on speed. So with the Karma thang I am expecting to soon make Jeremy Corbyn anxious....

(This worked in my head better than when I put it on paper ;( )


Haha. Made me laugh out loud :D

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