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New route


Went out this morning for W5R1 and decided I would try a different route which took me out towards a nature reserve. Managed my three 5 minutes runs although half-way through the last 5 minutes I thought I was getting a stitch but thankfully it didn't come to much. Then I lost my sense of direction and my 5 minute warm down walk turned into a 30 minute walk! Luckily I didn't get too hot as a lot of it was in the shade at the edge of a river. I did get to see lots of rabbits, dragonflies and I think 2 kingfishers flying over the river so not all bad! Desperate for my drink when I got back to the car though.

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Sounds a beautiful route! I'mean not surprised you were gasping this weather. I got myself a camelbak- can'take recommend it highly enough.


I'm a great advocate of the variety in your routes. It makes life more interesting 😊

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