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Week 9 - nearly there - eventually!

Started C25K back in November, had to take a couple of weeks off in December due to illness and again in January but now i'm on my final week... YAY!

First run of Week 9 this evening.. apprehensive but excited

This board has been amazing, you are all an inspiration. Helpful, encouraging, honest... could not have done it without you

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wow you are nearly there ,just 3 runs to go for graduation , super effort ,we will all be waiting at the finish line for you :D


Good luck for your last run of the programme. You'll be fine, just go steady!

This is just the start of your running though. C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts with good old Laura will be your next step?


Good luck for last few runs, nearly there. Well done?


Fantastic! Enjoy your last week on the programme and then get ready to celebrate! Let us know how week 9 goes (it's really motivating for those of us a little way behind you). Enjoy!


How exciting! Start planning how you're going to celebrate your graduation!


Well... a slight change to my final week! A colleague at work has just forced me - tough love - into running 5k!!! So my Wk 9 Run 2 - was actually 5k in approx 40 mins... now to work on my speed... :-)


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