Week 9 - nearly there - eventually!

Started C25K back in November, had to take a couple of weeks off in December due to illness and again in January but now i'm on my final week... YAY!

First run of Week 9 this evening.. apprehensive but excited

This board has been amazing, you are all an inspiration. Helpful, encouraging, honest... could not have done it without you

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  • wow you are nearly there ,just 3 runs to go for graduation , super effort ,we will all be waiting at the finish line for you :D

  • Good luck for your last run of the programme. You'll be fine, just go steady!

    This is just the start of your running though. C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts with good old Laura will be your next step?

  • Good luck for last few runs, nearly there. Well done?

  • Fantastic! Enjoy your last week on the programme and then get ready to celebrate! Let us know how week 9 goes (it's really motivating for those of us a little way behind you). Enjoy!

  • How exciting! Start planning how you're going to celebrate your graduation!

  • Well... a slight change to my final week! A colleague at work has just forced me - tough love - into running 5k!!! So my Wk 9 Run 2 - was actually 5k in approx 40 mins... now to work on my speed... :-)

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