Week 6 started

Yesterday, I finally went for a run after feeling weak and feverish in the beginning of the week. It was quite nice and easy for me. I love morning running, but I need some magic as I hate waking up in the morning (meaning before 9am, I start work at 8am, if you're asking). I enjoy morning route along the Oxford canal path without people, only nature waking up slowly, no heat :)

I am afraid I will postpone my next run, as I'm still ill :( I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning. If weak, then no run :(

I am a little worried that I will lost my running mojo, as the most difficult part for me is to acctually get dressed and go out.

Wish me speedy recovery ;)


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8 Replies

  • Get well soon, keep up the fluids.

  • Thank you. I'm drinking a lot, eating my "magic syrup" (honey, coconut oil, lemon, tumeric, ginger, cayenne pepper), eating garlic and onions (of course not plain), drinking a lot, and helping myself with western medicine ;)

  • Hope you feel better soon IgaT..

    Hopefully your mojo will return when you do.😊xx

  • I hope that this illness is not psychosomatic. As I reached level where I was before, and got ill. Previously I got ill fee times and that stopped me from running for a longer time. It's like I'm uncoutiously scared of fulfilling my dream.

    But well... I'm not going to give up ;)

  • Yep, break that cycle..you are passed week 5 now and into week 6. The running should begin to feel a bit more free from now on, your breathing will settle and you will find your legs know what to do. You've just got to take them there and set them off😉

    Seriously though, having come this far you definately can finish the plan and graduate. One run at a time.😊

    Feel better soon.xx

  • Thanks :)

    "One run at a time" is definitely my approach ;) I'm not even worried about finishing the programme, because sooner or later I will. It's about anout of inner power to get me out of the door after break. In the past any break used to get longer and longer, as I was starting to find reasons not to go instead of go. This is my worry. But I hope / feel that now after 5 weeks in a row it shouldn't be so difficult.

    So I am full of hope with just some gremlin whispering into my ear.

  • It can be hard sometimes getting up and getting out there. Never went out for a run and later regretted it though, but have chosen not to run and spent the rest of the day wishing I had.

  • Most of my runs I did just after work and walk with my dog. But few time with hot weather I forced myself to wake up earlier and run before work. I love this lightness when I run before breakfast. Lack of people help as well, especially if I want to run with my dog. But most of the days I barely wake up for work. It's like torture. When I do wake up, then it's super easy to go running. Whereas if I'm goin in the afternoon, it's proper mental fight to go out the door. Recently most of them successful :)

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