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I'm a newbie!


Hello everyone. 48-year old unfit fulltime worker and mother of two here. I've just completed run 2 of week 1. I make my 14-year old son come with me to maintain my motivation. He of course barely breaks into a sweat! I was really nervous about starting this as I went from exercise junkie before the children to next to nothing afterwards. All good so far, I just hope the more challenging weeks don't defeat me...

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Hi there! I'm also 48 and unfit but unlike you have never been a fitness junkie ! I'm on week 3 and am still amazed that I can do this ! So you're already doing amazingly well and I'm sure you won't be defeated by this - just take it one week at a time. Some runs are better than others, so just brush aside any bad days and focus on the next one. Don't over think it.

I have turned 49 this week and funnily enough have just done run 2 of week 1...found my Achilles is killing feel like I've run 2 hours not 8 mins hope you are doing better than me...do feel much better after though 😊

Im new too. I did run 3 of week 1 yesterday and it felt awful, I couldn't get my stride or breathing right and ended up triggering a migraine on the warm down walk (which turned it from a brisk walk to slow shuffle!).

I have to take propranolol to manage my migraines and am not sure if that's making it harder to run as my heart rate won't go very high. I'm going to do week two but if it ends up as a migraine trigger I'll have to stop as it's just not worth it.

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I'm a migraine sufferer too. I take pizotifen as a prophylactic which makes me lethargic and gain weight easily unless I eat like a sparrow (it's other use is as an appetite stimulator). I am worried about this running triggering a migraine. My husband is very unsupportive of me doing it because he doesn't want to have to look after me if I get ill (hospitalised by migraines earlier this year). Two runs completed OK so far, we'll see what happens as I progress further.

I hope you get on OK with your next run and I'd be interested to hear from any other migraine sufferers out there how running is affecting them, both positive and negative.


Welcome I'm 47 and have just graduated !! I cannot believe that I can actually run 30 mins , I followed the programme which prepares you completely just believe in yourself, breath and take it slow!!! You can do it !!! Xxx


Hi I am 56, overweight and never done "land" exercise (except some yoga years ago). I am now on week 5. I'm sure you will do it, just take it one run at a time.

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