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Advise please I’m a newbie


Hi I signed up this week after my eldest son ran the GNR this year in memory of his dad that past Sept 2017 at the age of 51. He’s never done anything like that before and is a fit 22 year old and did it under 2 hours 15 Mins. So here I am just finished week 1 and I’ve had a 2 hour nap early evening. I’m over weight 44 year old non smoker and should be fitter and healthier for my boys as now they only have 1 parent. Any tips would be appreciated as an finding it a little difficult and literately struggled to walk after my first run with pains in the hips being the main issue. Would like to know what the best mid priced fit tracker is as think that will help me. Thank you in advance Jools 💋

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and full of advice and tips.

Enjoy your journey.


Hi I have just joined this today but I have been walking not running for about one month now and really enjoy it. My sons in the RAF and he is helping me. Try walking a little bit faster then you normally would I know it says on here to walk then run a little bit you sound like me a little overweight. Now I have been doing it for a month I am ready to try running just like it says on here.

Try this app Strava it does a gps of where you have been , how long it took and how many miles you have done it’s really good cos you can keep a track on how well you are doing and try on beat it next time. Also you can have followers like friends and family so you can’t cheat lol and say you did a walk / run when you haven’t ( we’ve all done it ) lol good luck if you do go on it let me know and we can follow each other if you like and support each other.

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Thx so much for your reply. I have worked exactly as the app says but my back hips and legs are feeling it. I had decompression of my L4:5 discs 5 years ago so do suffer but I’m determined as my son is my inspiration. We can do this. I will look into Strava thx for the tips x

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just take your time, the more you go out the more it will get easier.

I know on here it gives you 9 weeks but everyone is different so as long as you keep doing it and don’t give up it will work. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 9 weeks or 9 months just as long as you keep going. Good luck and am here if you want to talk and Yes Yes we can do it x


Strava seems quite popular.

I use Strava at the same time as the C25k app.

Runkeeper will also give you an idea of calories burnt and even track how many miles (or km) your running shoes have done.

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Great tips thx. Think I will download run keeper great idea.


Well done. Great that you are inspired to make a change.

For the aches and pains then an extra 5 mins of gentle stretches after the warm down will help. There’s probably some guidance somewhere on here to help you. I try to remember to do some lower calf stretches against the kitchen wall, some hamstring stretches too, and I guess you’ve got some exercises from your previous injury

Might be time for an indulgent bath - dig out the radox

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