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Hi there - newbie Chris here

Hello all,

Just introducing myself to everyone. I've just joined the forum and wanted to say hi. I'm male, 42 years old, overweight, out of shape and taking part in a triathlon in June this year, so need to get out there and get running, swimming & cycling.

Hoping that being part of this community will help with my lack of motivation at present.

I'll do my best but any encouragement will be greatly received.

Cheers now,


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Welcome to the forum and well done on taking the first step to beating that triathlon. Keep blogging on your progress so we can see how you are progressing.


Hi Chris and welcome to the forums. Crumbs Chris you haven't left yourself much time to train for your triathlon, I hope you are already a runner and not just starting out on C25K.

I wish you all the best for your training please let us know how you are getting on. With that gorgeous little baby to keep you going how could you possibly fail.


Welcome to the forum. You're already fit with the cycling and swimming, but if you're a complete beginner with running, the C25K programme takes 9 weeks. What distance is the run part of the tri?


Hi there,

Swim is 750mtrs, Cycle is 15K and run is 5k.



Hi Chris - welcome to this here community and good luck with your ventures!! You've certainly set yourself a goal and not much time!!

you're half way there with at least signing yourself up to the triathlon and having a target date to work towards.

the rest is up to you to get out there and DO IT!! You will be able to and we'll help you.

keep us all updated, best of luck :-)

and what a cutie pie you have with you in the piccie!! another reason to get out there and get active :-)



Welcome Chris! Wishing you the very best! :-) Such an adorable future C25Ker in the pic :-) Gayle


Welcome Chris. The first step is always the hardest. Just get out there and do it. :-)

Keep us posted on how you are doing. Good luck. :-)


Hi Chris, I am signed up for a triathlon in July - one of those mad moments when too much wine has been consumed. That is what made me start C25k. I am not too worried about the swimming and will go three times a week before work when our open air pool opens and will keep up the running 3 times a week. Just need to sort the cycling now! Maggie


Welcome! Sounds like a really interesting challenge you've got there. We will all cheer you on (we're good at that!) so do blog and tell us how it's going.

Very cute baby too! :)


Thanks all for the welcome.

Yes I've certainly amde things hard for myself but I now need to crack on. That's Alice in the snap by the way. She's 1 next Tuesday and is the youngest of 3 so energy levels are always on the low side ... :)


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