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8 flipping minutes! Twice!


I approached w5r2 with trepidation and the thought that if I never try I'll never know and I only flipping well did it!

I intend to approach "the big hurdle" of w5r3 with the same attitude....

I am honestly astonished at what I've achieved and believe me all you doubting Thomas's....this plan works! As does this forum which has truly helped me to get this far.

I'm loving this journey! So far.....

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A true believer, at last!

Well done.

Keep running, keep smiling.


I honestly, hand on heart, found the two eight minute runs harder than the 20 minute run. Can't tell you why, I have no idea, but don't let it be too daunting - the programme is tried and tested and it can be done! You can do it!

Getting there.. Really well done... keep on running 🏃


Two smaller runs are so much more harder than the 20 mins

Well done 👍🏻


You will do it ! Totally agree with others found the 2x 8 minutes runs harder than the 20 minutes!

Good luck 😉

Thank you everybody!

I must admit that at the end of the first 8 minute run I half wanted to just push on and not have to slow down to a brisk walk knowing that I would have to run for another 8 minutes again! But I trusted Michael and did as I was told.

I'm encouraged by your comments though and have watched HiddenGem 's week 5 vlog which is brilliant!

I can't wait to get that 20 minute run under my belt.

Thanks again x

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