Week 1 day 1 - new to this

Hi everyone, I have found this forum by accident when looking for advice on nutrition. Tonight I am starting out on the journey. However, I am wondering if anybody can help me? I have a very long day that starts at 5am, and I wont get to do my sessions until 7pm Monday & Wednesday (Friday I work form home so can do it at lunch time). I have breakfast at 7:30am (I start work at 7am with a 45min drive), I then have lunch around 12, but then I have my tea when my husband gets in. So tonight it will be after my session, so around 7:30-8pm. As I am trying to lose weight I am having a chicken salad for my lunch, but I am worried that when it gets to 7pm I will be hungry and that won't be good for me? I do usually snack when I give the kids their tea, this is one of the reasons I have been gaining weight. So, what can I eat in between that is quick, healthy and will support my running rather than hinder it? I can't imagine a chicken nugget will be the right choice :) After my session we are having salmon, rice and spinach.

I will add, I am breastfeeding at the minute, and although my son is 16 months old, he is going through a stage of teething so is feeding a lot more and therefore making me hungry as my body keeps up with him.


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  • I am not qualified to comment on 'breastfeeding' coinciding with 'trying to lose weight' but I can recommend a healthy snack to support your running: banana. Bear in mind that C25K W1R1 is going to burn 150 calories, so practically anything that you eat is going to be counter-productive.

  • Thanks for the response. I was thinking a banana too, it is just such a long gap between lunch and tea that I am always wanting something around 5pm when I get home with the kids. Need to make better choices at this point if this is going to work. I don't want it to get to 7pm and I have zero energy to run because I am starving. :)

  • A favourite of mine is a small handful of almonds ( skin on), they are high in protein and dense hence you don't feel too full pre run.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€πŸ’

  • Thanks for that. I like the sound of That as an idea. Something to provide an energy boost without making me feel too full to run.

  • I would personally recommend don't starve yourself. Especially while breastfeeding.

    Why would you want to put your body into starvation mode, with all the chemical changes that entails, right when concurrently starting a training regime and breastfeeding?

    At this stage, I wouldn't think about losing weight in the short term. I'd be more keen to build up the muscles and lay down the infrastructure for fitness, through training, and eating right (including enough). As you train, your muscles will develop. More muscle means you burn more calories even at rest (base metabolic rate). More training also means your cardiovascular system becomes more efficient, which also means your digestive system works better, meaning better utilisation of whatever you do eat, which means more energy, equals more ability to train, and more calories burned without conscious effort.

    But that said, a banana is good for most. But one size fits all diet advice really doesn't work. For most a banana is good. For some, banana plus running equals find the loo quickly.

  • I definitely don't intend on starving myself. I'm just curious about what is best to eat around 5pm as that is when I get home and I'm usually hungry, but is only a snack I have as I have my tea later on. Usually I eat some of what the kids have but I know I need to change this. The intention is to get healthier first which includes improving my diet. I know this won't mean quick weight loss as I'm aware it's not healthy when breastfeeding. I need to stop the rot though of my weight increasing.

  • Good luck with it. The first step is deciding to do it.

    Just so you don't get put off though, please be aware that it's not at all unusual for weight to increase slightly before it starts to drop. This is because as you train, your muscles develop, and their increased mass skews your weight. A weight loss from the start usually means water loss, which is not long term weight loss. A far better measure of progress is simply to measure your waistline. Basically measure around the height of the belly button. But again, don't panic if some days it actually gets bigger. Gross fact of the day: the average adult can be holding up to around 10lb of poo in their guts alatest any time, so no measurement is any use on its own, but needs to be looked at as an average over a few days.

  • Wow 10lbs?? That's amazing. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I'll taken some measurements later on. πŸ™‚

  • Hi MrsT, just wanted to wish you luck with starting the c25k plan this evening.

    Yep, a banana or apple as a pre run snack should be fine. Keep hydrated with water during the day, this can help with hunger too as often you are thirsty rather than hungry. Not too much just before your run thoughπŸ˜†πŸ˜‰

    Gentle streching after your cool down walk while your muscles are still warm.

    Have fun, take it nice and slow and steady...

  • Thank you Jan. I'm drinking a pint of water as we speak πŸ™‚ increasing my water intake is another challenge πŸ™ˆ on my third pint now.

  • Me too...but it does help your muscles.😊

  • Couple of dates are good, but they are loaded with carbs so beware. I am assuming you are not BF full time now so I think loosing 150 calories a run will be fine. But eat healthily and as Jan says, drink plenty

    Good luck on your journey! Go slow and steady and you will do it!

  • Thanks Jacs. No I'm not feeding full time. Although this weekend he was like a newborn again because of his teeth. But during the week it's morning and evening only.

  • For me I find I always run best on a snack or meal that combines protein and fruit. A boiled egg and a few strawberries or grapes is an easy quick snack and you can boil a carton of eggs to have ready throughout the week. I've tried other pre-run food but have actually gotten superstitious about my egg and fruit combo. Anything else makes me feel under fueled!

  • That's a good idea. Thank you. I had a protein bar around 4pm then a handful of almonds at 7 and went on my run at 7:30. Felt good so I'm happy. But the eggs and fruit sound like a good option.

  • Well done MrsT82😊...

    Now you have started...

  • I also echo what another runner said--don't focus on the weight. I haven't lost as much as I expected doing this even while eating sensibly. However my clothes are much looser and stomach is flatter. Suspect the muscle I'm gaining in my legs is accounting for the weight issue. My hubby thinks I'm looking great so that's encouraging! ;-)

  • It's definitely going to be more about how I feel than how much I weigh. I'm 2stone overweight though so I'm sure some of it will come off eventually.

    Glad it's making you feel better. How far in to it are you?

  • I just did W7R1 today! Can't believe I'm running 25 minutes without stopping. Yesterday was my 47th birthday. I had some gift money to spend so after my run today I went out and bought a snazzy new running ensemble! Good luck with it all!

  • Happy birthday for yesterday! It's amazing to think I could be running for 25 mins non stop in a few weeks time. I've just signed up for the Great Manchester Run for next May 😬

  • High protein breakfast such as eggs is light but will satisfy you. Protein with veg for lunch, chicken salad? Banana and a few nuts for snack with the children and you will be fine. It's always the snacking that piles on the pounds. Good luck, with the support from this forum you will do it. If you find that you slip off the path for a day don't give up, we all slip from time to time, just put on the running shoes and carry on :)

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