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Week 5 Run 1

Just back indoors after evening jog. After hearing how people struggled with the move from week 4 to 5 I really was worried. I had a great run I did the first 5 min run and walk, then the second 5 minute run and walk. The last 5 minute run I was no where near doing the walk home in 5 minutes so I kept on going. The last run became a 10 minute jog, I have no idea how but I just kept going!!!! I did then follow this with a full 5 minute cool down walk before arriving home. The total distance I covered was 3.52 km. I did not mean to do an extra 5 minutes was just out jogging and my mind was chilled/airy/relaxed any of those words could work possibly even detached but not physically detached. Does that even make sense so the last 5 minute jog became a 10 minute jog. My player is set to automatically repeat from beginning so that was when I realised I had jogged for 10 minutes at the last leg. So I did the cool down walk to the warm up walk music. Not a hobble insight during that walk home either!!!! My next run is not till Sunday supposed to be Run 2 which I think are two 8 minute jogs. Well hopefully that is an indicator of a good run to come. Quite how I have managed this I haven't a clue, I only know that in these 5 weeks I am walking better, breathing better and feeling a lot happier.

Happy running to all.

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Well done that's brilliant. Some of the runs ahead between now and the end of week 6 are tricky. Some days you will have a great run, other days you might find it tough going. But if you keep going like that you will have no problem. Well done again and happy running.

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