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Asic Training Plan Advice

I am following a Asic training plan for my HM in Sept and so far, so good as they have been reasonable distances and achievable paces.

However, the runs coming up are getting further and at paces that I have currently never been able to achieve... an example of this is my next run of 7km @ 6:49/km!

As the distances increase I have already even been thinking about structured run/walks.. but I'm never going to achieve the 6:49 pace for example.

My main concern is being able to complete the HM and I know there will be some walk breaks.... so should I continue in the "spirit" of the plan and just ignore the pacing demands??

I'm sure that others have been through a similar plan and I welcome your thoughts. :-)

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The Asics HM plan has a whole bunch of "7k Fasts" during which the software should adjust your projected finishing time as well as the suggested pace for your upcoming runs.

I would suggest doing the first couple of those "7k Fasts" as quick as you are able to do and see what changes are made to your plan as a result.


Hi Andy

I am doing a 10k Asics plan at the moment for a 10k in July. Mine at the moment and up to the week before my race gives me a pace of 8.00-8.20 min per k but then it gives me a 6.50min pace for a 3k in the week of my race !

Eeek ! I have never managed that so far . I would continue in the " spirit " of the plan I think , but would be very mindful of not risking any injury.

Sorry , I know I havent been much help . I think Miss Wobble and Frocky may be better placed to advise you , Im just throwing my tuppence ha'penny in. :-)

Whatever you decide, Good Luck ! :-) xxx


The jumps can be high in the Asics plan. Mine went from 10 - 14 km in one leap. I didn't quite managed that but just kept up with the plan and by the next week I was ready to tackle the 14km. I had trouble hitting my fastest pace but I went out and pushed myself every run that was a fast on and I didn't get far off. Saying that I put my 5km Time in for a run/walk right at the beginning so my paces were adjusted for a run/walk pace to start off with. I would say do your best and you will ace the HM in September. It is all about finishing and as long as you can do the long runs you will do the full course, time can come later for your next one.


21 km is a long way to run. I think I would follow the spirit (as in pushing yourself on the runs that are meant to be hard and taking it easy on the ones that are meant to be easy) and the distances, but not worry too much about whether you actually hit the target paces.

The important part is getting the mileage in so you can go the distance.


Which level did you choose? Maybe you chose a level that was too difficult for you when you first gave them your data. No worries though. Run your runs and log your times. Asics will suggest the changes you need to make. I assume you are logging your run times into the programme

They usually make a tweak early on so they will only let you run one or two slower times before they intervene and suggest slowing down. That will reflect on your projected finish time but that's to be expected. You don't want to be exhausted for race day


I was honest with my times when I set-up the plan and have always added my run details as I complete them. The plan hasn't suggested any changes as yet, but perhaps I'm too early in the program.... I'll just do what I can... but I'm not expecting miracles... completing the distance, injury free is the important factor for me :-)

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I think I was a good four weeks into the plan before I got my first adjustment. If you have had a particularly long 'Intro' section then it may take longer. Keep logging the runs and it will adjust if it feels it needs to. A suggested reduction in pace sometimes adjusts the length of the runs as well.

You're right in approaching it by doing what you can without hurting yourself. I think you might surprise yourself with what you can achieve! Keep the faith :)


I have done lots of races up to HM distance now, and only very recently have started doing any speed/tempo work. All my long runs ahave been done on long slow distance and easy recovery runs. I only do it now because the OCRs I do tend to be running 1-2k several times with obstacles inbetween.

If you are following a plan and i calls for tempo runs, just scale them to what is doable. Run a bit faster than your distance runs but don't think you have to follow it to the letter, or number, even. What works is king. If your goal is to finish the HM, rather than a specific time, then focus on endurance.


If they've not tweaked your plan then myasics must think you're doing ok

If you are not comfortable sustaining those speeds then run them slower and wait for the tweaks to drop into your in-Box. I know what you mean and how you feel. You feel it's too much and you don't want to be exhausted before the big day

I think you should drop it down a gear. The last thing you want is to be injured. I know it's good to push yourself, and that's how to get faster, but we have to take care. You are a new runner so injury is a very real possibility if you do too much

Also, we want to enjoy our running. That's why we do it.


Oh and just remember Andy, as I have to keep reminding myself too. The pace suggested is a " guideline pace " and it does say if it feels too fast for you , slow it down.

I think the main objective is that you complete the course without injuring yourself in the process

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


I agree with everyone else, focus more on the distance than the pace :) Good luck with the training!


Such great advice from all the experts. I can add nothing except my best wishes and a suggestions to keep enjoying yourself. You're running for the joy of it :)


Hey Andy :D HM, great stuff !!! hope it goes well Andy :D had that in the back of my mind but things change ! i'll be more than happy to run 5k non stop for now


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