W4 R2. Awful weather, away from home so had to buy a running jacket. Really good investment. Anyway with the weather and the fact I really didn't want to run today, I knew it was going to be hard.

Set off way to fast as there were people watching me, so the first 3 mins wiped me out. Somehow managed the first 5 minute run and the second 3 minute run.

Got to the 2.5 minute mark on the last run and I honestly felt like crying. Time to give myself a BIG pep talk in my head. Kept going until the end. To steps after the end and I nearly puked twice. I then looked at my garmin (second hand from eBay, another sound investment) and I'd actually run 1/2 a mile in the last 5 minutes. So a ten minute mile.

I'm wiped emotionally and physically and so so proud of myself. Run fat boy run😉


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5 Replies

  • That is really quite fast for where you are on the programme? If you are feeling sick, and having to push yourself at this stage... that should tell you maybe, to slow down. Listen to your body:)

    C25K is a slow and steady progression, to being able to run for thirty minutes, after the nine weeks...( or longer if necessary.) The idea is structured building up of our running legs and our stamina and core strength..to get to the podium, injury free and having, hopefully, had fun on the way.

    You should be proud for running...but not like that. Slow down, take it gently and enjoy this great journey... journey...not race.

    Let folk watch, let them think what they will.. you are the one running! Be kind to yourself... you are worth it :)

  • Thanks for the sound advice and the support

  • You are welcome... the plodders make it to the finish line... and in one piece too... I am always going on about slow and steady and I always will.. it has kept me, like so many of us, here, running three times a week; and for me having just completed another 10K run, this time for Charity... Took me a long time to get to 10 K because I just let the running evolve... we are all different,and want different things from our running... but none of us want time on the IC :)

    You should be so pleased with yourself... show those onlookers... out there and doing it!!!

  • Well done for getting out there. I agree with Floss- a 10 minute mile is fast, unless you have a train to catch :) As for other people watching you... You may find that you are putting undue pressure on yourself, because you are just another nutter in trainers for most folk, honestly! And those who do say something are generally supportive. As for anyone who goes out of their way to be nasty, are you going to give them the pleasure of letting their behaviour affect you? In six months time you can be a proud graduate, or you can still be worrying about the opinion of people you neither know nor care about. So be proud of yourself, and keep going. The only person you have to impress is yourself.

  • Thanks for the advice and support. You make a lot of sense. I wasn't trying for a ten minute mile, I was just wanting the time to finish quicker, which in reality wouldn't work lol

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