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Tips from those who got past week 4?

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Like many others, I'm struggling with week 4. I'm repeating it this week and am already noticing some improvements. Last week, I could barely complete the first 5 minute jog, and when I could push myself to get through it, the next 3 and 5 minute intervals were basically impossible. I just completed W4R2 for the second time today and I'm only struggling with the last 5-minute interval, taking two 30 second breaks. I'm wondering if I'm still unable to complete that last 5-minute interval by R3, should I repeat the week again since I saw some improvement when repeating it? Or should I continue on to week 5 assuming that I'll continue improving with each run? (I'm mostly nervous about that 20 minute jog at the end of week 5 and whether I'll actually be ready for it!) Tips from those who got through that week 4 hump would be really appreciated! Trying my best not to get discouraged and focus on the improvements I've made, but failures definitely make that difficult

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I only moved on when I was ready. I repeated lots. I thought a lot about the first 20 min one a great deal and decided to do it in an evening when I could just fall into bed afterwards (reckoned I would be shattered). It wasn't as bad or as hard as I thought it would be. Laura was really helpful, she is right when she says "you've already put in the work". Good luck, I'm now managing 27 mins straight.

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halnagarGraduate in reply to Hooksy

Thanks so much!! It's good to hear that the 20 minute jog is actually doable once you get to it. And congrats on being able to do 27 minutes straight, that's awesome! Progress always feels so good :)

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Personally, I would repeat it until you feel satisfied that you are ready to move on to the next week. As Hooksy points out, many people repeat runs and even weeks if needed. You will still be progressing but moving on before you are ready to is likely just to knock your confidence if the next week proves tough too. Think about how far you have already come and know that you will get there, twenty minute run included! Good luck🙂

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halnagarGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

You're very right! I think I'll see how I do on R3 and if it's doable then I can move on, but if it needs work then I'll do it again. Thanks so much! :)

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My advice would be to make sure you can do the week 4 run 3 times. It's all exercise so doesn't really matter what the week is called. You'll end up frustrated or injured if you push yourself too early. 🌻🌻

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halnagarGraduate in reply to O505k

That's definitely a good point and luckily I gave myself plenty of time between the program's end and the 5k I want to run so that it leaves room for repeats! Like you said it's all exercise so it's always doing some good for my body to keep trying :) Thank you!

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I repeated week 4 at a much slower pace and managed all the run sections.

I wouldn't repeat all 3 runs, but, I would repeat the run until you do it without walking. Remember that any pace faster than your walking pace can pass as running ;) If you feel you need to stop, unless you have real pain, just don't lol! Shuffle smaller paces, slowly!

Don't let the gremlins build their army the now because of week 5 run 3. It is amazing how we all manage the seemingly impossible solid 20 minutes, but, this week 4 is prepping you solidly for it- have faith!

Go and smash it 🏃🏃🏃

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halnagarGraduate in reply to jt24

Thanks for this, it's really encouraging! And you're right, I've seen a lot of people say that 20 minute jog is not as bad as it seems once you get to it. Thanks again for the encouragement!! :)

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Remember to take it slow, pace yourself so you don't tired too quickly. I would repeat until you can complete the 5 minutes without stopping.

Good luck

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halnagarGraduate in reply to universa_2k

Thanks for this! I just did the first run of week 5 today and managed all of the 5 minute intervals without stopping, which felt amazing! :)

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