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Think I finished week 4?

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I've done the 3 runs and now I've got headphones I actually listened to what mj said at the end about 'dont forget to complete this 2 more times'!. Am I supposed to run 5 x reps or the 3 on the app?

On a sideline I struggle with 5 mins. Although the shin pain has subsided the pain in my inner thigh worsens if anything. I broke my leg several times as a kid and now tend to walk / run with my right foot pointing slightly outwards. I'm running in 5 year old asics...might new trainers help?

On another sideline is there an option to turn off the half way through notifications on the app?, I'm pretty sure I'm on 4.45 and then mj pipes up I've just done 2.30!.....soul destroying.

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It is three runs per week. Well done, move on.

Are your trainers running shoes? How worn are they?

If the answers to the above are no and /or quite worn, I would suggest getting a gait analysis and get fitted with shoes that support your running style. No guarantee but may well solve the problems.

Sorry, can't help with app query, I am old school podcast user.


You could try a different app with less commentary like the Zen Labs one (free) but you might find that you need the commentary to keep you going...? I always start thinking the app has crashed on me with no-one chatting away!


Hi Ollski

I completed w4r2 today and Sarah Millican clearly told me that I had 2 more runs before I could start week 5! I think it must be a glitch as there is only 1 more run to complete for this week.

Good luck with week 5! I have taken the advice of the experts on here and resisted peeking at what next week will throw at me!

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Thanks Tracey, I've peeked at them all and to be honest it doesn't look too worrying but I won't spoil it. I do know I'm struggling every week but just managing. Good luck


The narration is the same for all 3 runs as all 3 runs are the same.


Agree with IannadoTruffle you need to have a gait analysis done. Everyone runs differently and you need to find the right running shoes for you. You can get this done at certain sports shops. They will put you on a treadmill and assess how you run and then advise you of the best options for you. If the shoes are really expensive in the store just you can always take the details and buy them cheaper online.


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