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My legs are killing!

So I started Week 2 yesterday of the Couch to 5k programme and I also did some strength stretches afterwards using these:

Safe to say, my legs are absolutely killing today mainly the back of my thighs and just wanted to know if this is totally normal and what I can do to get rid of the pain.. very hard to walk and go upstairs but I can manage it fine. I'm getting very fidgety with my legs too and cannot get comfortable.


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After I completed w1r3 the tops of my thighs were killing me for a few days after. I posted on here and received a lot of replies saying it was perfectly normal as I was using muscle I never had before. I know it's awful but it just goes away in time. Sorry this is not the most helpful reply you will get.

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Aches, and pains in places you have never dreamed of! It is fairly normal...but... oit eases... you get stronger.... If you stretch before your run, make sure they are dynamic stretches and stretch well after each run too.

A roller is a wonderful aid too :) Even though uncomfortable, keep moving gently... take it very steady and slow after your rest day... and aim to land very lightly!

Well done! Brave soldier.. you can do this :)

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Looking at that, if you are also a new runner, then you have just about doubled the effort that your legs have been exposed to by the run. While the stretches look great and will definitely strengthen your legs, they are well in excess of the stretches which I previously suggested to you, which I use after every run.

Give yourself a break.


Thanks, so should I really be doing the stretches I linked to? I just really don't want to injure myself or do too much that's all.. but I want more strength in my legs and arms that's all..

Weirdly, it's like my right leg is aching, kind of like a dead leg! My other leg isn't so bad


For your current physical condition the stretches on the video, are obviously too demanding if you can't walk after doing them.


Hi IannodaTruffle.. thanks for your advice, I'm laying off the strength exercises for now.. and doing the stretches that you have suggested.

I did w2r2 today and it went well, hard, but good however.... the bottom of my right leg really aches as like a dead leg and it's really annoying! And slightly painful.. my left leg is fine.. any suggestions?


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