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Hi all,

I just completed week 9 run 1! Expected to struggle but manage. . . I didn't, in fact I felt I could keep going! Im feeling confident and proud :)

Just wondering, do many people manage to run 5k by the end of the programme? I'm improving and plan on keeping training when I graduate but doubt I'll manage 5k in thirty mins just yet.

I know this is ok but im just curious :)

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Extra respect for you running in this heat. I managed 3.9k on Thursday (my w9r1). 😊


Mine was just over that. I had an app open measuring distance and when I saw it was close to 4k I sped up to reach it 😂

I don't mind the heat it cheers me up. Especially when its not uncomfortable heat. Here it was warm enough to have no jumper but not boiling


It's hard to run in this heat. Well done for managing it! Lots of folk on the forum find they reach the finaL week and definatly can run for 30 mins , some at 5 k some a bit less, some a bit more, others take a little longer . It's not the final destination in running but the journey to get there :-)

Enjoy your running

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A few weeks ago Irish-john did a survey on how many managed 5k in nine weeks only a handful did if you can find it have a read enjoy and still be proud of what you have done so far. Survey is in bridge to 10k


Ill look it up. Thanks :)


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