Couch to 5K

I'll be back (...well in a few days anyway)

Hi all!

Regular readers of my blogs (or posts as they are known now) will know that I haven't been running for a month due to fasting during the Islamic month of Ramadan. The month is nearing an end now and I have penciled in this weekends Parkrun for my comeback run.

During this last month it has become obvious to me that I definitely have a severe case of the running bug, but I haven't gone for a run because attempting to run during an 18 hour fast in the heat we have had would not be an clever idea. However I have tried to reduce the symptoms of the bug by:

A) Getting my gait analysis done and buying my first proper running trainers

B) Buying a Garmin Forerunner 610, with heart rate monitor and footpod

C) Volunteering three times at my local Parkrun

D) Seriously considering signing up for a Half Marathon at the end of October.

I have also used the extra time we have with family during this month to spread the gospel of C25K and have ended up volunteering to begin a C25K running club for a few family members. A few of my cousins are begging their 6 week holidays from school and I told them that they should start C25K. They were ummering and erring so I told them I'd run with them and they said yes. So my runs will begin with a C25K run and then my HM training programme.

I will start a HM training programme next week and will decide in a few weeks if I think I will be up for a HM in October.

This has turned out into a long post now so I'll end with, I've lost a further 4kgs! I'm now 66kgs and I've had to buy new jeans and trousers again because my waist is now 30 inches!

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Dear aftabs

Glad your weight loss still going well bet your looking forward to sundays parkrun but the heat is a killer when running but sure your be fine with your new trainers and garmin good luck and I will look out for your next blog

kate x


I'm looking forward to it a lot, but I'll reign myself in, my last parkrun was 25'30", but I'll go for about 30 mins his time and build myself up.


Congrats on the further weight loss and getting the family involved. Enjoy the come back :-)


Thanks Phil!


Congratulations on it all - hope you enjoy your first run back.


I'm looking forward to it, hopefully I'll be back up to speed in a few weeks time!


New running shoes, new Garmin, new running buddies, that month off was just the best aftabs. Well done on doing 3 Parkrun duties, they will know who to turn to next year for help. You really are an inspiration in what C25K is all about not only completing the course but bettering your times too and now recruitment specialist and trainer, well done you. :) Good luck with your new recruits get them blogging too if you can.


I really enjoyed the volunteering, my second time was Barking Parkruns 1st anniversary, so it was fun and inspiring to see the awards being given out.


love your list... all good stuff...

well done on your ramadam, that must have taken real will power not to run, and you must have been so focussed....

I had a gait analysis done, its well worth it for the shoes....

you are doing so well, it puts all of us into shame, we are all so bad......!!!



good luck on the HM



I think everyone in here is inspiring and deserves a pat on the back. We are all trying to take control of our health and that is hard when the easy thing would be to put the TV on and eat a few chocolates...well that's what I would have been doing last year!


WOW Aftabs! You've chalked up a lot of new stuff here. The one I find most heartwarming is that you are going to start a C5K club for your young cousins. I think that's absolutely BRILLIANT! I wish you all the very best with that. Well done and good luck for your Parkrun celebratory comeback run!


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