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Help! 😫😢

I have been feeling really positive about my running - just completed week 3 run 3 yesterday in training for a 5k in the summer. I've been training on a treadmill and tonight I decided to do a jog round the running track at my gym for 2 laps to warm up. I could barely finish 400 metres without nearly dying of exhaustion! Have I made the wrong choice training on a treadmill? Or could it be that I did a run yesterday so my body is tired? I don't want to make all this effort only to find that I'm useless at running on a road or on grass. Any advice would be appreciated! X

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I think the general rule is to run ever other day so you may be tired. Plus if you've been on the treadmill you may have been running faster than you would do if you were on grass or concrete. Don't despair just take it steady and you will get there


My understanding is running on a treadmill is easier than running out doors ?? But I'm no expert . Good luck .


Treadmill and outside are very different beasts! If you're wanting to run outside ultimately, it's worth doing at least one of your runs each week outside if you possibly can, just to get used to how different it feels.

And if you did your outdoors experiment the day after a 'proper' run, then your legs are likely to have felt far more tired anyway than they would if you'd run on a 'running' day. Don't despair - you can do this! :)


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