Is anyone else getting addicted. I miss my runs and my knee is playing up but when I run it's the only time it's not painful (mild pain when walking just below knee cap) so just want to keep running. My wall was W5 as I'd run 20mins a few year ago but the weather ended up really hot and then we had the Sahara sand trap. So ended up ill and stopped. I'm so please I'm easily doing 25mins now and wondering what's next after 30mins!

With regards to any gremlins in the first 5-10mins I run uphill at the start so i just put it down to that and keep going. Roll on 28mins next week


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4 Replies

  • Good luck you can only do your best .

  • Yup, this running lark is definitely addictive. I've fallen away a few times since I first started in autumn 2012, but keep on coming back for more...! At the moment I've got a weird painful big toe thing going on - it hurts like billy-o for no apparent reason at random times, but never ever when I run. Odd.

  • Be careful! I had the exact same knee pain - and although it didn't hurt while running, the doctor had an explanation for that: endorphins. He also suggested that I take a few rest days and do some strengthening exercises (all the support muscles around the knee) before going back to running. Ice helps - I was only "off" three days.

  • Awesome might try that. It's not been too bad today more sore post run rather than the pain I've had. Trying to walk in between to try and give it some other support. I spend all day on my feet at work and I run before as it's cooler and I have the motivation in the morning so could be the standing all day on it. Using kinesiology tape when not running as that helps but do end up with a rash as i react to the sticky!

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