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W8 R1 Nothing interesting happened

Well, I will just put my times up. I defied the couch25k Gods again so will probably get some payback in the form of a hamstring injury.


Faster than I thought, not Ben Johnson fast but not performance enhanced in anyway. I had my coffee after!






Overall Time was 33m30

I'm knocking a few seconds off each time now. I think I'll wait a while for run 2 though it's usually less enjoyable! I'm gonna be close to that 30minutes but I will do it eventually - probably if they had a week 10 I would do it then.

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In line with your regular posts stating you are not actually doing the C25k programme you can rest assured that it is unlikely you are defying anyone of note, in particular no one's God.

I wish you well in your ongoing running. But it is a tall order to genuinely knock over 10% off your times in just one week.


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Glad you are reading them Jacs! I did not however state that I am not doing the couch25k program. It could be argued that I am not following the NHS one to the letter and I explained I found this site after, and didn't know there are nuanced differences within the range of couch25K plans , and it could be said that I am not doing it right admittedly, but I wouldn't be the first or the last. I didn't state that I am not following the couch25k plan at all. That would be arrogant. I explicitly stated what I was doing and why, not that it makes any difference! It's all about getting fit. Thanks for the support fella and good luck with your running too.


I think quite a few folk are reading your posts, with interest...but the concern for many of us is, that there are newbies, who may misunderstand the ethos of the C25K programme and try to follow a similar route pattern to your own.

This is a C25K NHS programme and an NHS C25K forum, that, simply, is why as Millsie-J states, it is unlikely whether anyone would regard your comments as '...defying the C25K Gods". ?

It might be a tad pedantic, but one of your initial posts stated...

"OK I'm not going by the NHS one...".. maybe anyone reading that might be forgiven for assuming that meant, as Jacs also stated, that you, are not actually doing it ?


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