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Running beats?

I'm always looking for new music for my running play list so thought I'd start the conversation by sharing:

1. A new fave: On My Mind by the Disciples (great rythm)

2. An oldie: Ain't no Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye

3. Something my friends would never expect on my list : Enter Sandman by Metallica (edited thanks for the correction T.O.M.!)

Name your 3!

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I'm into the Rocky theme music. So funny as I imagine myself in a training montage :)

Oh, you want three.... Killamangiro by Babyshambles and Another One bites the Dust by Queen :)

How's that?

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Oops! My hubby and son would be all over me if they saw I got that wrong! Rocky--that's motivating!

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You don't necessarily run to your fave kind of music though, weirdly

I find I like running to country stuff like Stand by your Man, Jolene, Rose Garden by Lyn Andersen, Footloose is my fave one, Mississippi by Pussycat. Steve Earle,s Galway Girl

Then Who Baba ORiley is a blast. Land of a thousand Dances by Wilson Picket. A more recent one and a goodie is One Republic Love Runs Out

I use Sami Murphy Bridge to Ten k podcasts a lot as there are loads of brill tracks on there. You can use that once you've graduated and then done Couch to five k stepping Stones podcasts

My numbers keypad won't work today or smileys

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I love country music. I'm an Arizona girl living in the UK and long for a country station on the radio! Your country choices for running are interesting! ;-)


Hi great advice is yes have good music I've just come in from finishing W3R3, and definitely need gooood music I've looked on my iPhone iTunes and David guetta is a must he has loads of great upbeat music ,hope this helps

Like shot my done!




Yes! It's on my play list too!

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Mine are far too many to mention, I love loads but ....

Lets Get Ready to Rhumble- Ant and Dec ( My all time favourite runnning song )

Wings - Little Mix

Breaking the Law- Judas Priest

Oh and I will have to sneak in Nicki Minaj - Starships :-) xxx


I can't narrow it down to just 3, but I have a top 5:

1. C'Mon - Tiesto vs Diplo

2. Discipline - Nine Inch Nails

3. Knight Rider Theme - Happy Hardcore Remix

4. Block Rockin' Beats - The Chemical Brothers

5. The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson




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