Running makes you better in bed!!!

I found this here:

Does running really lead to achieving new highs between the sheets?? Here's why runners and sexual prowess go hand-in-hand:

1. They’re trained to go for hours; 30 or 40 minutes is nothing.

2. They always have plenty of Bodyglide.

3. Even if you look like crap, they’ll shout, “Looking good! You’re almost there!”

4. When you’re done getting busy, they can work those knots out of your quads.

5. Even when they hit the wall, they’ll keep pushing till they finish.

What do you think? any more for the list??



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11 Replies

  • 'According to a new SURVEY from Harris Interactive one-third of Americans believe that training to run a marathon would make them better in bed '

    well it does kind of scream out that TWO thirds dont ' think that !! However.. some suggestions as to why it may....

    1. They buy nice/expensive shoes?

    2. They don't care if they look fabulous in lycra or not.. they still wear it!

    3. They have a high protein diet, swallow flies regularly ( a good source of protein.. err but probably better not delve further into this aspect!)

    4. They always have a foam roller to hand?

    5. They always have a wide variety of assorted outfits that they are ready to cast aside their everyday clothes and throw on at a moments notice and show no shame in wearing them in public ( see lycra above)

    6. They have a high pain threshold.. (should this be required ;) )

    7. They are good at doing up knots?


    all this does is how why runners are good at being very kinky!!!

    ( have I taken this seriously enough do you think? )

  • Brilliant!!

    Knots?? High protein diet??? Pain threshold??? I think that's taking it a step even further...I agree, in my experience runners are definitely a kinky in point ;)

  • I have NO idea what you are talking about * innocent look* ...

  • Some time ago there was a post here of how sex makes you run better :)

  • Chicken or egg?? ;)

  • I'd eat both!

  • I think having the stamina for a regular 4 hour session at the weekend has to be seen as a plus point. And the half hour high intensity workouts during th week.

  • That's very impressive ;)

  • Toned thighs are good for girls who don't want to just lie back and think of England ;)

  • (Though if I'm honest, marathon training makes me really good at falling asleep almost before my head hits the pillow and staying asleep all night long regardless of our intentions)

  • I agree... and a good sleep too which is so reviving....

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