Stepping stone... ooooooh

Just did SS for the first time...

Full of nerves when I set off because I had no idea what to expect at all. Was quite exciting at the same time.

Lovely to hear Laura again - wasn't long before I started arguing with her again though!! Didn't like the music much either but it definitely helped me to stick to the pace.

To my amaze I managed the whole thing and still breathing totally through my nose! For me this was a definite upping of pace but I think it was manageable because I take really tiny fairy sized steps anyway.

I went a new route too.

And ended up with a glorious beetroot face on arriving home.

All in all it was certainly a challenge but I enjoyed it and will definitely give it another go.

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  • Well done! I've been sticking to the week 9 run for sometime now, so might try this! Ps glad it's not just me who ends up with a beetroot face! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I wasn't really planning on trying it at all but suddenly fancied something different just as I was about to go out of the door. Really glad I did - definitely worth giving it a go!

    I imagine myself looking all glowy and virtuous after a run - it's a bit of a reality check to see the actual sweaty beetroot look!!

  • Can I just ask did you download it onto your phone? I've got

    The c25k app on my phone is there an app for stepping stone? Thanks!

  • I put it on my (android) phone as a podcast. I did the 9 weeks with podcasts too as I have no idea how to put music onto my phone so didn't like the app at all!

  • Thanks I'll have a look. Happy running!

  • Well done Arrie ! Yes you certainly feel like you have had a workout with these .

    I find the C25k + podcasts really good and challenging

    My favourite is the Speed one, maybe cos its only 16 minutes long ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • I'm planning on giving that one a go next week - terrified!!!!

  • You'll be fine, honestly :-) Its really good that one ! :-) xxx

  • I'll let you know!!!

  • At last somebody is applying the right kind of adjective to the cult word "beetroot". Well done on your glorious, trans-rubicund, glowing, healthy, spectacularly wonderful beetroot face, and for acknowledging it as such.

  • Why thank you, kind sir!

  • You're welcome. It's the least I could do for someone who properly uses the glorious word "beetroot" ... um ... so gloriously. :D

  • Tee hee!!

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