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I notice when I logged on for the first time today there are a few 60+ people starting out, which has reassured me that it can be done. Im 64 and did the first session on Sunday and it almost killed me, partly my own fault for choosing to go along roads that went uphill - but I got to the end and felt pleased. Today I set off again totally different route but again found myself going uphill! So, what with the heat today and the uphill struggle, I didn't finish the whole session so felt a bit downhearted. However, I will try again on Thursday as I would love to complete the whole course.


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  • Well done you for getting started. Today was quite hot so

  • Sorry, pressed send by mistake!

    As I was saying ... put today's run down as a practice run. Take your time, slow is the name of the game then slow down some more if you need to.

    Keep posting and reading the posts on this forum they're full of advice and encouragement.

    If I can do it so can you so go for it! (I'm just turned 60 so not far behind you)

    Good luck and Happy Running!

  • Thank you, I will do as you suggest. I'm already planning a 'flat' route!!

  • Hi Suzie07,

    I'm definitely pension age so I can confirm that going up hills is scientifically proven to be harder than going down! Here in Wales it's quite hard finding flat routes as there are definitely more up than downs or flat. But, my advice, for what it's worth, stick with it. When Michael told me today after week 6, run 3 that I could now consider myself a 'runner' that was quite a moment and not one I ever expected to describe me.

    Good luck, slow and steady, you'll get there too.

  • Michael Johnson? I chose him too! He's got one of those very rare voices that make you feel that you can do it.

  • Indeed, I may be in love. 😍

  • I know what you mean but I did laugh inside when I was running up those hills - remembering his unusual running action - I felt I was trying to copy him!!

  • If you live in a hilly area you'll adjust quickly. It makes it a little harder at the start, but it builds fitness quickly. After running them for a few weeks, you'd be amazed at yourself on a flat route.

  • Thanks for the advice, I'll keep posting to report on progress!

  • Yes, when I'm running (?) ( I could overtake myself walking!) I tell myself just that. No pain, no gain? 😀

  • Hi there, and welcome:) yes, there are a fair few of us super seasoned runners here:)

    Very, very well done for starting this great programme. Very well done too on starting on a warm day and also with a hill!! At the early stage hills can be a real challenge, but eventually we learn to love them, hard to believe I know :)

    Try to find a flattish route if possible... ( I found inclines where none existed to my thoughts... before I started running!)

    Take it really slow and steady ( you will hear that all the time,) and listen to your body, which will protest at first...it is bound to because of the new exercise. Do other exercise on rest days; strength and flex, ( the link is below)... walking, cycling, swimming...:) It all helps to build up your core strength and stamina. rest days are absolutley essential too.


    Keep posting for advice and great support, ask any questions you like and post your successes and any set backs.. we never use the word 'F***L' on here :) We are all on this running journey together, where ever we are on the path :) You can do this, just take your time :)

    Good luck and looking forward to your next post :)

  • Thank you

  • its amazing what us "oldies" can do. I am 65 and graduated 3 weeks ago. You can definitely do this, well done for starting that's the hardest bit.

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